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Thank you for visiting. Here you will find a place for local filmmakers and fans to work together to promote the local area especially in creative film.


We regularly cast our eyes over new Hollywood blockbusters as well as local movie-makers & scriptwriters based in the Midlands area plus you can also hear us on our monthly BBC Radio Leicester spot (on Rupal Rajani show).


With plenty of new reviews and feature blogs including our up and coming Top 10s for Leicester, Derby, Nottingham & now West Midlands we 'Spotlight' films, movie groups, shorts and make-up artists from the Midlands and anyone interested in getting involved email midlandsmovies@yahoo.com 


Mike Sales, Editor of Midlands Movies

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Our new local Spotlights include coverage of Midlands fan film Spider-Man: Another World, and reviews of Family Portrait and Derby documentary Shaun Barker: One More Time.


Other coverage includes new reviews of Alien: Covenant, Miss. Sloane and the UK home release of Split, Rings, T2: Trainspotting and many more.


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Written and directed by Midlands filmmaker Jack Veasey "Tony" is the story of a man whose rough upbringing has left him emotionally damaged. With moments of uncontrollable anger, Tony is fuelled by a passionate hatred to find his once stepfather, Sammy Jones


Click on the YouTube link below to watch the trailer of this exciting new project from the region.

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New trailer lands for Jack Veasey's new Coventry film "Tony"


The Storming of the Troops at Comic Con Leicester 2017 at Athena

Midlands Movies have been running a whole host of movie-themed screenings in conjunction with Firebug Film Club in Leicester.


Click on the pic below to check out our events page for all the latest details on upcoming shows...


New features include a review of new production at Leicester's Curve Theatre of cinema classic The Graduate which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2017.


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Midlands Movies Editor Mike Sales headed down to the Comic Con Leicester in the city's cultural quarter to see if the organisers could make it a hat-trick of great events.


This time however, he went full "cosplay" as a Star Wars Stormtrooper as the event came to the Athena venue for the third year in a row.


Did he find the droids he was looking for? Did he pass out from heat exhaustion? 


Click here to find out and read his full event report with photos, videos and a whole lot more!

STILL poster Alien_Covenant_Teaser_Poster split_ver2 Shaun Barker Family Portrait ComicCon 2017 (4) SpiderMan Another World Graduate