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Thank you for visiting. Here you will find a place for local filmmakers and fans to work together to promote the local area especially in creative film.


We regularly cast our eyes over new Hollywood blockbusters as well as local movie-makers & scriptwriters based in the Midlands area plus you can also hear us on BBC Radio Leicester with presenters Ben Jackson & Jack Rafferty.


With plenty of new reviews and features, we have something for everyone including our ongoing list of Film Festivals in the Midlands, 'Spotlight' films, movie groups, shorts and and more from the Midlands and anyone interested in getting involved please email midlandsmovies@yahoo.com 


Mike Sales, Editor of Midlands Movies

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New This Month

Check out our new Midlands coverage this month where we take a look at Bliblical comedy David & Goliath from Sheikh Shahnawaz, review the Leicester ComicCon 2019, check out Hope from Tee Visuals, Socks and Robbers by David Lilley and many more up and coming local projects.


New cinema and DVD home release reviews include Godzilla: King of Monsters, Greta, A Private War, All Is True, Stan and Ollie and Vice.


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Latest Midlands Movies features



Click below to watch the new teaser trailer for the upcoming film Guilty Pleasures from Smooth Demon Productions.


The film is a return to the pilot directed by Sonny Michael Chohan in 2016 and is a gritty hard hitting drama.


Check out the trailer below:

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NEW trailer for Guilty Pleasures from Birmingham filmmaker

10 of the Best Midlands films to look out for in 2019

Please click on the images below to be taken to our latest news, reviews and features of the best of the local filmmaking talent:

We take a look at some of our hot picks of shorts, thrillers, documentaries, dramas and more from the talented folk of the Midlands region that are due to hit our screens later in 2019.


Please do check out all these projects and head to their respective websites for full information on their forthcoming release dates.


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