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Thank you for visiting. Here you will find a place for local filmmakers and fans to work together to promote the local area especially in creative film.


We regularly cast our eyes over new Hollywood blockbusters as well as local movie-makers & scriptwriters based in the Midlands area plus you can also hear us on BBC Radio and our soon-to-be launched video podcast show.


With plenty of new reviews and feature blogs including our up and coming Top 10s for Leicester, Derby, Nottingham & now West Midlands we 'Spotlight' films, movie groups, shorts and make-up artists from the Midlands and anyone interested in getting involved email midlandsmovies@yahoo.com 


Mike Sales, Editor of Midlands Movies

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Our new local Spotlights include coverage of outdoor cinema events at Dudley Castle & Bantock House and features on wildlife filmmaker Paula Webster and new horror short Teddy Bears Picnic. Also check reviews of Consent, Restroom and The Jock and the Chav.


New cinema reviews include Dunkirk, Hounds of Love & Spider-Man: Homecoming and home releases of Raw, Ghost in the Shell and more.


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88 Films and Creativ Studios from Leicester release the new trailer for Hellriser, starring Steve Dolton, Charlie Bond, Raven Lee, Nathan Head and Georgia Annable.


Described as a stylish, shocking and sexy thrill ride to hell and back in the tradition of the original “video nasties”. Click on the video below to watch the trailer.

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Creativ Studios in Leicester release trailer for new horror "Hellriser"

Midlands Movies and Firebug Film Club present CON AIR 23rd August

Midlands Movies have been running a whole host of movie-themed screenings in conjunction with Firebug Film Club in Leicester.


Click on the pic below to check out our events page for all the latest details on upcoming shows...


New features include coverage of Ariella from Them Pesky Kids based in Nottingham. This exciting new production company are launching their film with a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.


Click on the image for further info!

Midlands Movies & Firebug Film Club present a special 90s themed film evening with a screening of summer action classic ‘Con Air’.


From 7pm on Wednesday 23rd August viewers can join Cyrus the Virus and Cameron Poe for an amazing flight on the Jailbird where the audience themselves will be asked to don handcuffs, prison jumpsuits and (temporary) tattoos on their journey to freedom.


Entry is FREE with a £3 suggested donation and more information can be found on the event Facebook page here.

Anarchy Ariella Baylock Residence Just Desserts Telephone CON AIR poster (small) Raw_(film) DUNKIRK Teddy Restroom Poster Jock and Chav