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Welcome to Midlands Movies!


Thank you for visiting. Here you will find a place for local filmmakers and fans to work together to promote the local area especially in creative film.


We regularly cast our eyes over new Hollywood blockbusters as well as local movie-makers & scriptwriters based in the Midlands area plus you can also hear us on BBC Radio Leicester with presenters Ben Jackson & Jack Rafferty.


With plenty of new reviews and features, we have something for everyone including our ongoing list of Film Festivals in the Midlands, 'Spotlight' films, movie groups, shorts and and more from the Midlands and anyone interested in getting involved please email midlandsmovies@yahoo.com 


Mike Sales, Editor of Midlands Movies

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From the lockdown emerges a huge new raft of reviews at Midlands Movies! Head to the blog to see what we thought of Domino Effect, Asphyxiate by Nicole Pott, Tommy by Liam Driscoll, WW1 drama White Feather reviewed by Guy Russell, spotlight on AR Ugas' Midnight, Stephen King adaptation All That You Love Will Be Carried Away by Hendrik Harms, Forbidden Fruit & more!


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The fourth annual Midlands Movies Awards took place at Hansom Hall in Leicester on Saturday 14th March 2020 to celebrate the best cast, crew and filmmaking talent in the Midlands (UK) region.


This short was filmed and made by Crosscut Media in Leicester and check the winners and event footage in our YouTube video:

Celebration video from the Midlands Movies Awards 2020

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