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By midlandsmovies, Nov 3 2016 01:59PM

Train to Busan (2016) Dir. Yeon Sang-ho

This Korean thriller/horror film sees an absent father attempting to please his disappointed daughter by taking her to Busan via the high speed train only for an infected passenger to cause carnage as a zombie virus begins to spread throughout the carriages.

With echoes of Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer – where the confines of a moving train provides similar claustrophobic action – the passengers’ immediate dangers contrast with the wider implications of the infection spreading to cities throughout the country.

The zombies’ crooked shuffles are a particular highlight so huge recognition should go to the choreographer who has injected (pardon the pun) that particular trope with some added zombie zing with twitching and spasming bodies. Arms dangle at awkward angles in a contortion of limbs and appendages. As the film progresses, the passengers work together as a group and fight against the hordes in well edited action scenes with true-to-life risks. An extended bloody punch up with flying baseball bats and swinging fists will be adored by fans of these films.

However, despite the above, the film has the usual zombie tropes which I sadly find so similar to any other zombie film and therefore I can’t really recommend it to anyone other than afficiandos of the genre. I really struggle with the same concept over and over without anything being added to the formula. As although the positives include the film being incredibly well shot with empty stations and crowd chaos along with some fine acting, the family drama dynamics are really no different to a Roland Emmerich disaster film. Selfish father learns to put others first? Wow, what a revelation.

Trains provide an interesting location for some great films and sequences (see our love for loco films in our video blog here) but the zombie sub-genre of horror has never really infected with me with any real sense of appreciation. Fans won’t be disappointed at all but there wasn’t enough new additions to really give the genre a shot in the arm. Zo-zo.


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