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By midlandsmovies, Jul 28 2019 10:22AM

Midlands Spotlight - New trailer for Jungleland

Jungleland is a new Birmingham-made film from local filmmaker/director Waheed Iqbal and after a busy summer in post production will soon to be released later in 2019.

Made on a very limited budget of just under £5,000 Iqbal wrote, directed, produced and acted in the film himself. As well as this the multi-faceted filmmaker took on the major role in post-production where he carried entirely carried out work on the film's picture & sound.

Not content to throw himself into every aspect of the filmmaking process, at the same time all of the work was done whilst he was a student during the last academic year.

Jungleland also features famous tracks from Bruce Springsteen and Chromatics (whose music was featured heavily in the film Drive),as well as Tangerine Dream, Alisha and Mazzy Star, all of which he has the complete rights to use.

The film itself was planned, shot and edited in just under a year and there was never any more than 4 of 5 crew members (including the director himself) working on the shoot at any given time.

"This was my first film, and the first film for the entire crew, which was made up of college students", says Iqbal.

And he hopes all the hard work will pay off as the entire producion team look forward to the upcoming release.

Watch the full teaser trailer below:

By midlandsmovies, Apr 14 2019 08:27AM

Sustain movie releases brand new trailer

Award-Winning producers Troy Dennison and Keiran Bowers have unleashed the newest trailer for the Midlands-based crime thriller/drama Sustain, directed by Dave Hastings.

With the film in deep post-production, editor Sam Woodhall has been working closely with Hastings on fine-tuning the now locked visual cut of the film. The next stage sees film grading whilst James Hall will be supervising a new sound mix. And with a composer for the film being announced in the near future, the picture is close to completion for audiences.

However, the second trailer for the film is here to whet audiences’ appetites even more. “And we’re very proud to unleash the new footage from Sustain which we all hope you will find exciting” teases producer Troy Dennison.

Featuring lots of new footage that illustrates the wide-ranging scope of exciting Midlands locations, the filmmakers had help from people Sophia French at Walsall Council and beyond. "The new trailer raises the stakes and gives you an even more thrilling look into the dangerous world that protagonist Kieran Flank (Brett Dewsbury), finds himself slipping into after the brutal murder of his step-brother Toby (Joshua Sewell)”, says director Hastings.

Dewsbury comments that “people should be excited by the film because it was produced locally, made by local talent, cast filled with raw local talent and promotes the Midlands area so very much. It is exciting because it shows what hard work, passion and creativity can achieve when you virtually have a non-existent budget. It’s a beautiful, gritty and very emotional piece that people should be happy to support because it touches on many issues we face in our day to day lives”.

The trailer also features an expanded glimpse at some of the films ensemble of other actors such as Richard Buck as the dangerous Kevin McKenzie as well as Matthew Kinson and Jay Podmore who make up the film’s chilling trio of villains who set off the dramatic chain of events the film follows.

As well as this, are the good guys like Greg Yates as DI Bridge and Laura Evenson as local news reporter Kara Marshdale, who form an uneasy allegiance in an attempt to expose the dark heart of humanity.

All of them in the trailer “shine so very much, giving audiences a new compelling glimpse into a story we’ve been incredibly excited to share with everyone”, comments Dennison.

Sustain is a joint co-production between Lightbeam Productions, 5cm/Sec Films, ICI Films, Faceless Films and Pat The Bull Films. You can follow the film on Facebook and Twitter for more exciting developments.

By midlandsmovies, Mar 27 2017 10:18AM

Midlands Spotlight – The beautiful ballad of Songbird from Triskelle Pictures

Midlands Movies Mike hears the sweet sounds of a new production nearing completion in the region from filmmaker Sophie Black. Her company Triskelle Pictures are putting the finishing touches to ‘Songbird’, a new short made in the area. Read on below to find out what the director is currently composing.

Sophie Black describes her new short Songbird as a Fairy Tale. In true fairy tale tradition, the Midlands based filmmaker explains it contains magic, adventure, peril, a villain and a heroine but unlike most fairy tales however, it begins at an open mic night in a 21st century bar.

Beginning life when local award-winning writer Tommy Draper (Stop/Eject, Wasteland) began working with Triskelle Pictures, the film was shot amongst forest locations in Derbyshire and what Sophie explains as other geographical “hidden gems”.

Currently crowd-funding for further support and finances, ‘Songbird’ is hoping this final round of finance raising will help with its festival campaign and promotion.

“We (also) need a little movie magic to enhance footage we are truly delighted with; we will use visual effects and a professional colour grade to make the witch creepier, the woods more ethereal, and Jennifer’s adventure all the more intoxicating”.

The protagonist is Janet Devlin (who rose to fame as a singer/songwriter after appearing on ITV’s The X Factor) and the talented musician has also written two original new songs for the film which are being released to backers as part of the campaign.

She plays Jennifer (the songbird) who takes a journey in the film to regain her voice which has been stolen by an ancient creature known only as The Collector.

The film has recently passed one of their targets £1500 and with that, the production has released the first footage of the film by issuing the first trailer which we have linked to above so please get viewing and sharing.

With everything coming together nicely, Sophie and her team are just months away from the release of this fantastic looking melodic movie and you can find out more about the project and the team behind it over on the official website: www.triskellepictures.co.uk

By midlandsmovies, Apr 3 2016 05:10PM

Midlands Movies Editor Mike Sales take a visit to the studio of Damon Baxter (aka Deadly Avenger) as the Leicester musician continues to put his skills to use on trailers for a range of Hollywood blockbusters.

It;s a sunny Sunday afternoon when I meet with Damon Baxter at Leicester’s Meatcure restaurant (great burgers by the way) to have a chat about movies, music and more with the talented trailer composer.

Previously working as a DJ at London nightclubs such as Fabric, Damon now splits his time between Los Angeles and Leicester, creating electronic soundtracks for movie trailers. No small feat coming from his small studio on a trading estate in the Midlands.

With the food going down a treat and a quick chat about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I ask him about his career so far.

“Well, I first got into the dance scene around 2000", says Damon, "and with the likes of Fatboy Slim, Propellerheads and Jon Carter, I helped push forward the ‘Big Beat’sound”.

I asked him if that helped open up many doors? “I got to tour the world but then eventually settled nicely into a Fabric Residency alongside Unkle and The Wiseguys”.

Did that give you the breakthrough you were looking for? “Yes and no. My Deadly Avenger sound emerged when I remixed bands like Manic Street Preachers, Elbow and The Charlatans”.

And how did that leap to movies? “My ‘Deep Red’ album had a track that captured a cinematic vibe and eventually that sound was soon being used regularly for adverts, TV spots and movie trailers”

From orchestral to synthesisers via dance, Damon utilises a wide variety of sounds to create compositions that have been used on huge tent-pole move releases such as Age of Ultron, Men in Black 3 and Transformers 4. From his record label Destroy All Planets, Damon says his compositions use enigmatic and sparse arrangements to capture audiences’ imaginations.

Now finished, we both get up and head to Damon’s rusty pickup truck - which he claims belongs to a friend - and one that he’s nicknamed the “Millennium Falcon”. The second Star Wars reference of the day that I had noticed, I then realise how that franchise was a window into Damon’s world.

We headed around Leicester’s awful ring-road (luckily the city’s successful football team were playing so the roads were clearer than most days) and arrived at an industrial estate just outside the city – one that I quickly recognise from having a band residential rehearsal room for 3 years at the same location.

After acknowledging the weird coincidence we enter Damon’s studio where I am greeted with a range of movie posters. Covering the hallway and adorning the walls of the studio space itself, I witness Damon’s love of movies from framed retro posters of Close Encounters and They Live to modern blockbusters like Transformers and a ginormous 6 foot poster of Kill Bill: Vol 1.

A studio that Damon built himself, this sanctuary is a neat arena to create inspirational music. And proud of place in the corner is a full-sized Star Wars Stormtrooper costume on a mannequin set amongst his key instruments of computer, keyboard and mixing tools.

Damon went on to explain his style. “I love to use weird sounds. One of the effects on the Transformers TV spot was me hitting a metal bar outside which I mixed and put through the computer to become one of the main trademark motifs of the music”.

Using a combination of styles, Damon is also having a clear out of his DVDs on this of all days with the majority of his huge collection of 500 movies about to be given to charity in a spring clean that is not only clearing his studio for an imminent move, but also clearing his mind for Summer trailer work. Just a few of his previous summer work has included Antman, Furious 7, Chappie and The Last Witch Hunter too.

“One of the things people may not know is that I’m not always told the movie I am working on so have some free range to create something new from my own imagination whilst providing the film company with something that matches their vision”.

“I also try to combine all kinds of music into a new format. Recently I saw the trailer for Midnight Special which was brilliant as it gave the music room to ‘breathe’ rather than a traditional multiplex feel. That’s where I see my style heading towards along with my love for both the past, present and future".

Damon will next be seen at the Alfresco Festival on 27th – 30th May in Tunbridge Wells and we chat about our joint love for movies and music. Laughing at various films in his collection – Steven Seagal appears to have been a big part of his life – we then move to music and I suggest he check out both Inside Llewyn Davis (with Poe Dameron & Kylo Ren for the Star Wars fan) as well A Mighty Wind, the mockumentary from the Spinal Tap guys.

I ask him what the next stages are for Deadly Avenger. “Well, I have reworked my own tracks for use in TV shows like CSI but would love to attempt a full movie soundtrack at some point”. A great goal for an immense local talent, Damon has also kindly submitted soundtrack remixes for our own Midlands Movies events using scores and songs from films and adding his own twist to help create a brilliant atmosphere at our theme nights.

Damon says how pleased he is when his music gets used in a big production but hasn’t forgotten the local with a further keenness to offer his services to local filmmakers free of charge.

“I think I can offer some technical advice and practical pieces of music to local filmmakers to help give their soundtracks and trailers a professional quality which can sometimes be very costly on low budget films”. And this can only be a great thing for Midlands filmmakers.

With that, and the DVDs finally ready for the charity shop, we head off to enjoy the rest of the weekend with both of us humming the great “Please Mr. Kennedy” by Oscar Issac, Justin Timberlake and Adam “Kylo” Driver in a weird but satisfying duet for us both.

Midlands Movies Mike

More about Deadly Avenger :




By midlandsmovies, Jul 1 2015 08:30PM

Just released is a trailer for “Penny for the Guy”, a brand new upcoming release from Big Frog Films from Redditch.

This 20 minute horror short was filmed and made entirely in Redditch using a Midlands based cast and crew.

The local film will be having a preview screening, together with two other Midlands based shorts, at the Palace Theatre in Redditch. This will take place on October 31st 2015 – suitably on Halloween night itself!

Based in the Worcestershire area, Big Frog are a production company were set up to create new films from original comedy sketches to corporate videos and everything in between.

The full trailer for “Penny for the Guy” can be seen above and Carla Buckley from Big Frog Films explains that “we are already started submitting to festivals all over the world”.

Midlands Movies hopes to have a review for this unique film very soon but until then, check out the trailer and follow updates on the film on Twitter by following https://twitter.com/bigfrogprod

Or check out their official website at this link: http://bigfrogproductions.webs.com

Midlands Movies Mike

By midlandsmovies, Jun 14 2015 10:20AM

Silent Wood Films is a production company run by filmmaker Richard Lee Clines in South Derbyshire.

The director’s latest film is “Typical Junkie”, a drama about addiction and covers the story of 26-year old Johnny who is a recovering drug addict and whose lifestyle and bad choices have unfortunately led to some horrific consequences.

The film is based on a story by Jake Stoney who also stars in the film and is supported by up and coming actors John Solomonides, James McNichol, Paul Wimmer, Ian Kirkham, Ash Dickinson, Dave Manning and Katy Parker.

A deep, dark and disturbing drama, the film pulls no punches in its portrayal of drugs and its effects on people’s lives and those around them.

The forthcoming film already has a trailer online and is deep into the final pieces of post production with the final mixing being done in L.A.

The film (and trailer) has a cool soundtrack created by Frantz Widmaier who has re-worked a version of his song 6 Feet Below to be included in the film.

Click above to watch the film’s first teaser on Vimeo.

Facebook page for Typical Junkie: https://www.facebook.com/TypicalJunkie

Official website for Silentwood Films: http://www.silentwoodfilms.com

By midlandsmovies, Jun 14 2015 09:51AM

Little Pieces is an 80 minute film by Adam Nelson which tells the story of Michael and Eric, who are young men on a collision course with the world they live in. As they race violently towards each other their world comes crashing down, changing their lives forever.

The film stars Finnian Nainby-Luxmoore, Matt Jones, Isabelle Glinn, Graham Cawte and Peter Oliver who star in this story of love, violence, reconciliation and family in which all the pieces matter.

Made by Apple Park Films in 2014 and soon to be released in 2015, please check out the film’s trailer above as Adam develops his love for film that he has had since a young boy. From studying Film Studies at University, he learned the tools of the trade making several short student films and filling many technical roles before he was drawn to editing.

Having then taught film production, he became the writer/director of ‘The House Near Apple Park.’ Building from that to this first feature, Adam has also made promotional films and music videos alongside the film and now finished, is developing his next screenplay for a second feature due to begin production in the near future.

Little Pieces on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3112264

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LittlePiecesFilm?fref=ts

You can also purchase a copy of the full film at this link here: http://littlepieces.vhx.tv/

Apple Park Films

By midlandsmovies, Apr 27 2015 04:50PM

New British comedy, MLE (“My Little Eye”), by up-and-coming writer/director/actor Sarah Warren is about to get a screening in Leicester at the city’s Phoenix Square Independent cinema. Midlands Movies Mike spies on this new movie and its ambitious award-winning actress.

Sarah Warren is an actress with an impressive CV and came to Midlands Movies’ attention most recently by starring in "A Dozen Summers" by Leicester’s own Kenton Hall (our review here).

In her new film, Sarah stars as Julie Robert (!) who is on the verge of giving up after her dream role as an actress falls through but a mysterious couple then hire her to spy on their daughter. A perfect, if strange, acting gig turns very sinister as a dangerous secret is discovered in this brand new comedy thriller.

The Phoenix will be showing the film at the following times:

• Tues 28th April – 3.45pm

• Wednesday 29th April 7.30pm

• Thursday 30th April – 8.45pm

In addition, Sarah Warren herself will be at the Wednesday April 29th screening for an after-show Q&A session and tickets for this event can be bought via The Phoenix at this link http://www.phoenix.org.uk/film/m-l-e

MLE premiered at the BFI Southbank in January 2015 as part of the official selection of the LOCO London Comedy Film Festival. At the festival, MLE won the Special Commendation Discovery Award and the film has also been selected for exciting upcoming festivals details of which will be announced shortly by the filmmakers.

We highly recommend going to see this comedic gem which also stars Deidre Garcia, Jo Price, Paul Haggis, Orion Lee, Ryan Mercier, Mitchell Mullen, & Mike Figgis and click above to view the film’s new trailer.

Midlands Movies Mike

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