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By midlandsmovies, Mar 7 2016 08:36PM

The Red Carpet Cinema in Staffordshire has been providng a unique cinema, dining and event experience in the region since 2012 and now have even more great news for the area's filmgoers.

March 2016 will see two brand new Christie CP2208 IMB projector systems to replace their older models and the owners are filled with joy in order to stay up to date with the latest technology.

Back in 2008 when the opening was just a pipe dream, the cinema was fully prepared to be shipping in 35mm prints on 2,000 foot reels to show on projectors that had been designed for cinemas from the 1980s. However by the time it opened in 2012, 35mm was pretty obsolete, replaced by digital projection.

Despite 2012 being a disastrous time for getting hold of any cold hard cash from the banks, the cinema toyed with the idea of using the old 35mm projectors which were cheap but ultimately not suitable. In order to achieve a varied range of films that are up to date you need digital equipment which can be very expensive.

Like most cinemas co-owener Kate Silverwood finds that the trouble with digital projection is that nobody except for the audience is watching the film.

"Therefore it isn’t until someone kindly pops their head out of the auditorium to announce they’ve been looking at a blank screen for 20 minutes that we know anything about it. Why don’t you have someone to watch I hear you cry! Well, because 99% of the time it all goes perfectly to plan so losing a member of staff at a critical moment in the café bar 10 times a day is incredibly costly and not very practical".

Kate adds, "I’ll stop making excuses and let’s rewind for a second to the moment that a kindly customer informs us that the projector isn’t working. Behind the scenes everything goes into action overdrive. One person reboots the servers the way you would with any wayward computer. Meanwhile another person calls our service provider who can see our technical issues remotely from London via the cloud".

At this stage, Kate explains that the audience is can get restless and a bit hacked off. "The tension rises and we are quite sweaty behind the scenes but we know there’s still a person free to run in and out of the cinema to let our waiting customers know that we are working on it and all ends up well".

Despite some technical hiccups, it isn’t until they start calling people on the phone to cancel a show that they realise how many special life events are scheduled around The Red Carpet. "I don’t think we’ve ever cancelled a show and not disappointed a few people", says a sorrowful Kate.

"We damage secret birthday treats, plans with guests over from Australia, distraction before major operations, even a wedding proposal! Cancelling a show is sickening and up until now, we’ve never had to cancel a fully booked auditorium….yet, but it’ll happen if we keep the old projectors".

Although now 50k lighter in the pocket - the projectors have actually come down dramatically in price - Kate and her partner are very happy to be sharing this news today with the customers. "These bits of kit are light years ahead of the ones we are scrapping.

So….does Kate breathe a little more easily now? She asks if anyone ever really breathes easily when they run their own business? Ah well…oxygen can be highly overrated!

The Red Carpet are currently advertising for a full time cook/ chef so please apply via the contact details below to become part of The Red Carpet family.

The Red Carpet Cinema

Barton Marina

Barton under Needwood


DE13 8AS

General Enquiries: 01283 716257

Box Office & Restaurant: 01283 716257

Email: contact@redcarpetcinema.co.uk


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