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By midlandsmovies, Jun 17 2014 06:29PM

Laura Cotton is a 3rd year film production student studying at the University of Derby who is in the process of fundraising for her final year degree show film. Heavily inspired by the works of H.P.Lovecraft, ‘The Copy-Writer’ is set in 1970s England and when completed, Laura and her fellow students hope to enter the film into a variety of local and international Lovecraftian and genre film festivals later this year.

The majority of the production team herald from the Midlands area and have been studying the discipline of film from a very early age in both Nottingham and Derby. The production itself will take place in the local area too and they are drawing upon support from local businesses and organisations to keep this film a local project with an international reach.

Directed and written by Liam Banks, Lovecraft's work has always been something Liam has been interested in and now having the opportunity to create his own Lovecraftian tale is a dream come true for the young filmmaker. Having directed many short films in his time at the University of Derby and in his spare time, Liam has screened them locally and entered them into various film festivals and hopes for the same success with this new project.

Horror and the world of the supernatural has always appealed to Liam so working within this genre is a real treat and he can't wait for production to get underway on this tale which tells the story of Henry, a man haunted by strange monsters but are they real or is this a slow decent into insanity?

Liam feels this project will really provide a turning point for him to "up his game" as a filmmaker and work with a host of talent to create something they can all be proud of.

Currently half way towards their goal, Laura hopes a final push by the group will help make the film a reality and you can see the latest news, cast and crew, gallery and more information about their campaign at http://thecopywriterfilm.webs.com

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