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By midlandsmovies, Nov 19 2018 07:37AM

Movie themed events at Leicester Comedy Fest 2019

I swear it comes round quicker every year but it certainly gets bigger and better every year, so here we are once again providing you with some of the highlights of Leicester’s infamous Comedy Festival.

Running from Wednesday 6th February to Sunday 24th February 2019 the festival hosts a whole cavalcade of excellent events across the city in a now amazing 70 (!) venues.

And whilst there are comedy and hilarious shows of all types and genres – with something for everyone – as always we have checked out the festival programme to bring you a list of the best of the festival shows with a movie or cinematic theme for our film buff readers out there.

Without further ado please check out these fantastic looking events and for more shows and to purchase tickets please head to http://www.comedy-festival.co.uk/

The Big Lewbowski: Presented by Edy Hurst and Cinema Para-Discount

Attenborough Arts Centre

9th February

Cinema Para-Discount is a film night like no other, comedians are given the chance to create an interactive screening that enhances a film of their choice. Edy Hurst is an award-winning musical comedian. Armed with a guitar, loop pedal and assortment of DIY props, he'll be providing comic commentary on his favourite film, The Big Lebowski. Watch and help Edy bring the film to life with an alternate sound track and interactive games.

Robin Hood and the Revolting Peasants

The Y Theatre

10th February

With no less than 2 films related to the infamous Midlands legend heading our way in 2018, come join Robin, Little John, Maid Marion and Friar Tuck as they take on some of their hardest challenges to date: A conniving king, a sinister sheriff and a downtrodden village of peasants who's 'get up and go' has got up and gone. Can the merry band teach the baddies a lesson? The villagers to revolt? The world to sing? Find out when Oddsocks rumble in with the adventures of this legendary folk hero in a show for all the family. Suitable for ages 7+

The Just Us League: Improvengers Assemble

Grays @LCB Depot

10th February

IMPROVENGERS ASSEMBLE: The UK's premiere nerd-comedy duo, The Just Us League, bring their brand new show to Leicester Comedy Festival. Improvengers Assemble is the fully improvised Marvel-based comedy show. All the heroes. All the villains. Your story.

Nathan Cassidy: My Shawshank Redemption

The Cookie

14th February

On the film's 25th anniversary, award-winning comedian Cassidy with a stand-up show to the soundtrack of a masterpiece. Love can hold you prisoner. Crawling through sh*t can set you free. Happy Valentine's Day! 'Relentlessly laugh out loud, hilarious.' Edinburgh Eve News 2018 'Stormingly good' Kate Copstick 2018 'Piercingly sarcastic jibes have a touch of Stewart Lee' Chortle 2017

Rik Carranza: Star Trek vs Star Wars


14th February

The hit film-related show of Edfringe 2016, 2017 and 2018 comes to Leicester! Rik Carranza guides two comedians through the ultimate comedy panel show that boldly goes to a galaxy far, far away. Kirk vs Solo, Klingon vs Wookie, Neelix vs Jar Jar Binks? There can only be one winner and you, the audience, decide. 'Exceptionally nerdy and hysterically funny' FringeBiscuit.co.uk 'Fun for geeks and all' **** Voice Mag.

Action Figure Archive with Steve McLean

Grays @LCB Depot

17th February

Steve opens his old toy box and rediscovers your faves from He-Man, Transformers, Star Wars and many more (about three more). Remember when toys were better? Your memory might be playing tricks on you. Action Figure Archive is a hit with audiences and the critics alike - ''A hilarious walk down memory lane'' The Scotland Herald, ''A fun examination of nostalgia and nerdiness'' Wired Magazine. "Geeks and nerds unite in this fun show" Geek-List.

The Extraordinary Time-Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Attenborough Arts Centre

21st/22nd/23rd February

Amazing tales elegantly told. Made into an 80s cult classic by ex-Python Terry Gilliam, this version of the tale has top award-winning comedians and improvisors telling extravagant stories all based on the Adventures of Baron Munchausen. There will be swords, and duels, and elephants and castles built of cheese, and all of it is completely and irrefutably true. Leicester Comedy Festival "Best Children's Show 2018" Nominee.

Hats off to Laurel & Hardy

The Guildhall

22nd February

With the new Midlands-made and Steve Coogan-starring film from John Baird soon to be released, the award-winning Lucky Dog bring their internationally renowned biopic about the best-loved comedy duo of all-time back to Leicester Guildhall. Widely regarded as being the most accurate show ever written about The Boys, it is the closest thing you can get to seeing the original pair in action. Be prepared to laugh your socks off before having your heart broken.

Comedy Film Show – Some Like it Hot

Harborough Theatre

22nd February

Some Like It Hot (12) (1959) Director: Billy Wilder. Starring: Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon. After witnessing a Mafia murder, slick saxophone player Joe (Tony Curtis) and his long-suffering buddy, Jerry (Jack Lemmon), improvise a quick plan to escape from Chicago with their lives in the comedic cinema classic. Disguising themselves as women, they join an all-female jazz band and hop a train bound for sunny Florida. 116 mins.

Comedy Film Show – Blues Brothers

Harborough Theatre

22nd February

The Blues Brothers (15). After the release of Jake Blues (John Belushi) from prison, he and brother Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) learn the Archdiocese will stop supporting their former school and will sell the place to the Education Authority. The only way to keep the place open is if the $5000 tax on the property is paid. The Blues Brothers want to help and decide to put their blues band back together and raise the money by staging a big gig. 142mins

David Benson Q & A: My Life with Kenneth Williams

The Angel Hotel

24th February

Join actor/comedian David Benson and Festival Director Geoff Rowe, as they chat about David's admiration of comedy Carry On legend Kenneth Williams. David's semi-autobiographical, award-winning show "Think No Evil Of Us" has become a regular fixture on the UK theatre circuit, and London's West End, and this talk will help reveal how David's unusual childhood led to an extraordinary connection with the Carry On star. Price includes afternoon tea.

The Laurel & Hardy Cabaret

The Guidhall

23rd/24th February

This spin-off cabaret is a bumper package of routines, sketches, songs and dances from The Boys' lengthy career which you won't find in the biopic. Including all their Music Hall scripts from their UK Tours between 1947-1954 and a lot of other rare material, it's the closest you will get to seeing the original pair in action.

Mike Sales

By midlandsmovies, Jul 31 2016 09:52AM

Star Trek Beyond (2016) Dir. Justin Lin

From a screenplay by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung, ‘Beyond’ is a return to the classic Trek themes that many (myself not included) felt missing from the rebooted franchise’s previous instalment “Into Darkness”. With JJ Abrams now producer, departing to helm the other ‘Star’ franchise, producers approached Justin Lin, director of four Fast and the Furious films to take the controls.

But whilst we are on it, I really couldn’t understand the negativity for ‘Into Darkness’. For serious fans it may have trod on a romanticised memory of the long “pined”-after ‘Wrath of Khan’ but for the passing movie-goer, it was thoroughly enjoyable fare. The lens flare was less, Benedict Cumberbatch and Peter “Robocop” Weller were superb additions to the cast and the film continued the faster pace set by Abrams’ first flight into the frontiers. However, I heard mostly derision of the film despite its 86% score on Rotten Tomatoes. My memory from the cinema was “this is what the new Star Wars should have been like” – which ultimately played out in what could be considered the most expensive interview test ever.

Moving back to this latest release however, the 13th film of the Star Trek movie-world sees Gene Roddenberry’s intergalactic explorers facing a new enemy in the form of Idris Elba’s Krall who lures the crew to a distant world for “revenge”. Sadly, this character is terribly underwritten and his motivations are unclear until a quick catch up at the film’s end. However, the very likeable crew who impersonate the actors as much as the characters from the original series, return as cocky Kirk (Chris Pine), logical Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Dr. ‘Bones’ McCoy (Karl Urban) lead the crew after being tricked into entering an area of space where they are unable to contact Starfleet. Of course.

As before Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Scotty (screenwriter Pegg), Sulu (John Cho) and a tragically missed Anton Yelchin as Chekov round out the gang and the interactions between all these characters keep the film fresh when the less-than-exciting narrative runs out of steam.

‘Beyond’ boils down the franchise to basics and Justin Lin provides solid (if uninspiring) directing. Sadly a few fight scenes had a Bourne/Fast & Furious quality (too quick cutting/jerky camera) but luckily the spectacular space scenes more than made up for them. The design and CGI on a “snow globe” space station reminded me of Elysium but on a far grander scale and there was a true sense of awe as the Enterprise entered along space ‘rivers’ and around angular cityscapes.

I cannot find much fault with the film but neither could I find much to get thrilled about. Fans of the franchise will find lots of nods to all the various series’ incarnations and the brilliant practical make-up effects were inventive and conceived well. I also like the acknowledgment of Leonard Nimoy’s passing. Drinking to “absent friends” (a quote used before in the Star trek universe) is used to show a respectful remembrance of Nimoy (and subsequently Yelchin too) as well as tie in the themes of searching for purpose in an infinite universe.

Everyone puts valiant efforts in and the film will satisfy the summer sci-fi crowd after a run of underwhelming blockbusters. The comedy is a nice touch from Pegg but I wished for a more interesting plot and the film missed a certain something that maybe only a JJ Abrams could bring and help raise it from the middle ground I felt it sat in.

But no Star Trek review would be complete without a related pun so here goes. Star Trek Beyond: The Search for Plot. (Happy now?) In all seriousness, whilst certain "Trekkies" wanted a return the style/low-key nature of the television show, a passing fan like myself preferred the first two films in this rebooted movie series precisely because they weren't like it.


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