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By midlandsmovies, Feb 5 2018 10:12PM

Local Midlands Artist Creates Draw for Movie and Special Effects Industry

Strangely, after finding their business card randomly in a local Fish and Chip shop, Midlands Movies got in touch with Augmented Imagination Studios in Leicester whose exciting projects and support are helping a new generation of young film creatives.

Augmented Imagination (A.I.) Studios are based in the Midlands and are a special effects-focused business who have a workshop of 3 large classrooms used to support and educate those who seek a route into the film and FX industry.

Run by Toran Tanner, the studios accommodate fine works for movie makers and also create their own unique special effects. With a background in high quality SFX work, the organisation was envisioned as a stepping stone for students to acquire technical training and skills in the industry whilst offering affordable education and shared studio spaces and materials.

With a programme geared towards promoting access to the standards of the industry’s requirements as well as to ensure all levels of interest are met, A.I. offer support, training and mentoring to practising professionals, enthusiasts and those who are just beginning their journey.

Their diverse variety of courses serve both beginner and skilled professional and they hope to provide a relaxing, yet fast paced, learning opportunity in classroom and workshop environments.

The courses also offer an opportunity for students to train and work with some of the most motivated and best special effect artists in the world in a relaxing environment, making their courses fun as well as educational.

A.I. offer extensive studio time to students enrolled allowing for each person to grow at their own pace and Toran believes the studio time is integral to learning and building the needed skills to pursue a career in the industry. As their curriculum continues to evolve, each course will bring new course options as well as a core group of regular courses to meet the needs of students at every level.

With a strong belief in getting your hands dirty, Toran and his team strive to do their best to help students master the techniques required and although they’re not the largest special effects school in the UK, they feel this offers a big advantage for plenty of personalized attention and instruction.

For more information check out their website at https://www.aifxstudios.com/

By midlandsmovies, Oct 29 2016 02:52PM

Upcoming short horror film Lucidity is being made in 2016 by a group of Midlands based creatives and with promotion next on their agenda, the filmmakers’ crowd-funding campaign is currently running to raise a budget for this ambitious project. Read on to find out more about this hallucinationary horror.

Without going all 'Inception', for the uninitiated lucid dreaming is a phenomenon when the dreamer knows they are in a dream and therefore are able to manipulate it and in this new film from Braybrook Films, the concept of the science and supernatural of this odd experience is explored.

Braybook Films is an independent film and media label based in Nottingham and Lucidity’s plot follows an office worker called Daniel who is making questionable life choices and at the same time suffering from a repetitive nightmare.

This dream state has Daniel beaten and bloodied and tied to a chair without any chance of escape. One night, he experiences his first lucid dream, which sparks him to make changes in his life. However, delving further into his nightmares to try and discover their meaning, the film poses the question whether Daniel will find the answers he searches for or will his nightmares engulf his life.

Written and directed by Oli Braybrook, the filmmaker has already produced and directed several short films in 2016 along with producing a 3-part TV pilot for Nottingham-based Coalescent Films called Print.

In addition, Lucidity has J. Carman as Cinematographer, who also worked on Print and is widely regarded as one of the top cinematographers coming out of the Midlands. Also on board is the superbly talented Jayne Hyman for SFX, who has worked on award winning shorts such as Cannibals and Carpet Fitters and Lab Rats. Midlands Movies previously covered Jayne’s fantastically frightful work here.

This new short film has high hopes of getting out and known to the Midlands film community and with their team all hailing from, or living in, the region, they hope this will give local film fans all the more reason to pledge to their funding campaign.

To help support this passionate project please check out the filmmakers Crowd Funder page here: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/lucidity

For more information on all the team please see their showreels and websites below:

Braybook Films showreel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E02GafhiNC0&feature=youtu.be

Will J Carman - Camera/Edit Showreel 2016 https://vimeo.com/156886592

Jayne Hyman SFX - http://www.jaynehyman.co.uk

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