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By midlandsmovies, Jan 13 2018 09:14AM

To celebrate a new year we asked our Twitter followers to retweet a competition tweet for a chance to win one copy of Carrie Fisher's book Shockaholic which details her acting past during the Star Wars years.

On 13th January we picked out one winner at random from all entrants and that winner is....

Twitter user @MadameNottm


Please get in touch to claim your prize and a big thank you from Midlands Movies to everyone who entered.

Stay in touch for more movie related competitions in the future!

Midlands Movies Mike

By midlandsmovies, Dec 8 2017 08:48AM

With the release of The Last Jedi in December 2017 Midlands Movies ran a competition for our lovely readers for a chance to win a Star Wars bundle.

WIth over 500 entrants in each we had a great response but there can sadly be only one winner which we drew at random on 8th December.

So, the one winner of the Star Wars bundle is Twitter user....


Thanks to all the entrants and a big congratulations to the winner!

Follow Midlands Movies on Twitter at @midlandsmovies for more prizes and giveaways in future.

Join our previous winners below:

By midlandsmovies, May 18 2017 08:15AM

In May 2017 with the release of Ridley Scott's latest entry into his sci-fi franchise, Alien: Covenant, Midlands Movies held a brand new competition for our readers.

To celebrate the release, we offered one lucky reader the chance to win a BluRay box set of 5 of the Alien films including Scott's original and its prequel Prometheus.

We had over 400 entrants and we have randomly picked one lucky person out of the "egg" and the winner is....

Twitter user >>>> https://twitter.com/_mia_mills_

Congratulations! Please get in touch via direct message to claim your prize.

Thanks for everyone who took part and please keep following on Twitter for more great giveaways

Midlands Movies Mike

By midlandsmovies, Feb 19 2017 06:23PM

90s comedy and music classic Wayne's World was released 25 (!) years ago on February 14th 2017.

As part of the celebration, we offered one lucky reader the chance to win a Wayne's World baseball cap.

We had over 100 entrants and we have randomly picked one lucky person out of the hat (lol) and the winner is....

Twitter user @copiusluke

Congratulations Luke! Please get in touch via direct message to claim your prize.

Thanks for everyone who took part and please keep following on Twitter for more great giveaways

Midlands Movies Mike

By midlandsmovies, Jan 22 2017 09:48PM

Midlands Movies would like to thank all our readers and film followers for a great year of support in 2016.

To kick off 2017 with a bang we had a brand new competition where one lucky reader could get their hands on an Aliens film poster - which ties in with the impending release of the next installment of the franchise later this year - Alien: Covenant.

To enter, we asked readers to follow & RT our comeptition tweet and one winner has now been chosen at random.

And the lucky winner is Twitter user....


Congratulations Matt!!!

Please get in touch to claim your prize!

Thanks to everyone who entered and please keep an eye on our site for many more competition prizes coming your way soon.

Midlands Movies

By midlandsmovies, Jan 15 2017 11:12AM

Midlands Movies Awards 2017

To tie in with the Oscars this year we would like to announce our plans for the online Midlands Movies 2017 Film Awards.

With so much talent in the region we hope to launch these web-based Midlands 'Oscars' as a platform to honour the local films released in the past 12 months – whether they be shorts, features, animation, documentaries and more.

We are looking for extra nominations to our own suggestions - your own film or any others' films that have struck a chord - and we hope that this could be the start of a more formal awards event in future.

The categories (mostly) parallel the Oscar categories for this inaugural Awards so please see below for clarification. With regards to shorts/features then, unless stated, films of any length will be eligible for all categories.

So please email at midlandsmovies@yahoo.com or contact us via Twitter or Facebook with your suggestions.

* Your submissions/nominations are FREE and are in addition to the choices identified by the jury

* There's no limit to the number of categories a film can be nominated in

* Deadline for submissions/nominations is MONDAY 20th FEBRUARY (one week before the Academy Awards)

* An online screener of the film is preferred

* Films must have a significant connection to the Midlands region in writing, acting, directing or location.

* There's no limitations on your film being shown in other festivals - however, we are identifying films based upon the fact that the full version of it must have been shown to the public (at a red carpet event, general release or online in any form) from Feb 2016 to Feb 2017.

* Final winners are decided by a jury made up from writers who have contributed to Midlands Movies in the past 12 months

* The winners will receive a PDF/JPEG Certificate to print

MIdlands Movies feels this is a great way to showcase the best of what was released in the region last year.

Thanks in advance and we look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Sales

Editor, Midlands Movies.


• Best Picture (feature)

• Best Picture (short)

• Actor in a Leading Role

• Actress in a Leading Role

• Actor in a Supporting Role

• Actress in a Supporting Role

• Animated Film

• Cinematography

• Costume Design

• Directing

• Documentary

• Film Editing

• Foreign Language Film (screened in the Midlands)

• Makeup and Hairstyling

• Music (Original Score)

• Music (Original Song)

• Production Design

• Sound Editing

• Sound Mixing

• Visual Effects

• Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

• Writing (Original Screenplay)

By midlandsmovies, Nov 8 2016 07:00PM

In November 2016 Midlands Movies held a competition to tie in with the UK home release of X-Men: Apocalypse on DVD & Blu-Ray by giving away a Marvel X-Men Enclyopedia Book for fans to read about the comic origins of the superhero group.

We've pulled out one winner at random to take home the prize on the X-Men day of release (7th November) and the lucky prize recipient is....

Twitter user - AllesKlar71


Get in touch to receive your prize and a big thank you to all the entrants.

More prize competitions coming soon!

By midlandsmovies, Aug 26 2016 04:07PM

In August 2016 we ran a competition to win a copy of 6 classic DVDs courtesy of Simply Home Entertainment who are the UK's largest DVD and CD mail order business.

You can follow them at @Simply_HE or order from their website www.simplyhe.co.uk

With over 400 entrants who followed us on Twitter and Retweeted the competition tweet Midlands Movies posted, we pulled one winner out at random on August 26th and the person who has won the lucky prize is....

Twitter user @TonyEarnshaw

Congratulations Tony and get in touch with your address and details to claim you prize

You join other lucky Midlands Movies winners here: www.midlandsmovies.com/blog/4558436876/Competition-Winners/7531484

Thanks to everyone who entered and we have more competitions coming very very soon

Midlands Movies

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