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By midlandsmovies, Jul 22 2016 01:12PM

New Loughborough shot feature releases first teaser trailer for Do Something Jake.

Shot in the heart of the Midlands new film ‘Do Something, Jake’ from Raya Films is an ambitious feature created partly in the north of Leicestershire. Midlands Movies Mike looks at this new film, and its accompanying ‘making of’ as it attempts to ‘do something’ different in the crime thriller genre.

Made on a zero budget, ‘Do Something, Jake’ was directed by James Smith who went to De Montfort University in Leicester. During its production, filmmaker Mike Mafrici followed the progress of the film, from its auditions right through to the final day of filming giving an insight into its creation.

The film also stars young up-and-coming talent from the Midlands and the documentary provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes understanding into the world of indie film-making. The movie itself showcases Jamie Alderson, Tom Loone, Mia Mills and U.S. actor, Ed Bergtold who are all looking forward to seeing not only the feature movie, but this collaborative 'making-of' that runs alongside too.

The production finally wrapped in November 2015 and sourced a mix of skilled and enthusiastic university graduates, professional filmmakers and the support of local businesses and organisations to get the project to the screen.

Now very much in post-production, the film boasts an original orchestral score by composer Nikolas Labrinakos and the filmmakers hope local interest leads to international attention as they market to agents and distributors in the USA.

Mixing noir, criminal menace, comedy and simmering romantic desire, the film tells the story of an unemployed introvert who struggles to learn to read and write. When the woman he secretly loves is threatened he then has to use all his ingenuity to assist her in her time of need.

‘Do Something, Jake’ also hopes to bring an expansive concept to a zero-budget production with slick US-style scripting and dialogue being worked into this uniquely British film. Shot in sumptuous locations, the film crosses genres and uses everything from video games culture to the design of contemporary crime thrillers.

The filmmakers have been influenced by the stalker flicks of ‘Nightcrawler’ (Dan Gilroy, 2014) and the edgy character study of ‘One Hour Photo’ (Mark Romanek, 2002). With a dash of Cohen-esque humour thrown in too, Raya Films are hopeful their new feature will deliver an original movie with international appeal.

"I'm excited to see the completed documentary," explains producer and screenwriter, Caroline Spence. "Mike is such a talented young guy and he's made a great job of editing this tantalising teaser for us”.

She continues, “The cast and crew have invested so much of their time and energy into this whole project and they're buzzing to see the finished feature”.

For more information and further trailers readers can follow on social media below:

Twitter: @DoSomethingJake

Website: www.rayafilms.com

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4856996

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