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By midlandsmovies, Aug 25 2018 12:24PM

Fright Club in Derby screens cult classics in September

Fright Club is Derby QUAD's mix of brand new terrors from home and abroad and the pick of the archives which has a reputation of dragging audiences kicking and screaming towards the midnight hour!

Every month, Cult Film Historian Darrell Buxton introduces some of the best horror films around and in September they have a whole host of chillers coming to the cinemtaic screen.

Fright Club are screening (to much controversy it seems - see BBC coverage here) British horror classics Don't Look Now and The Wicker Man at Derby Cathedral on September 7th and 8th.

At QUAD, there are screenings of local horror comedy Crispy's Curse with a Q&A with director John Williams on September 28th.

And during the following month on October 11th, there will be a preview screening of British zombie epic Redcon-1 with a Q&A involving director Chee Keong Cheung, executive producer and actor Carlos Gallardo (El Mariachi, Desperado, Once Upon A Time in Mexico), and actor, producer and fight co-ordinator Mark Strange (Batman Begins).

For more information and to purchase tickets for each screening check out the links below:

Don't Look Now (15)

September 7th 2018

Derby Cathedral

Click here

The Wicker Man (15)

September 8th 2018

Derby Cathedral

Click here

Crispy's Curse (18)

September 28th


Click here

Redcon-1 (18)

October 11th 2018


Click here

By midlandsmovies, Feb 16 2018 07:21PM

Midlands horror film screening during Fright Club at Derby Quad Cinema

Fright Club is Derby QUAD's mix of brand new terrors from home and abroad as well as their pick from the archives and promises to drag audiences kicking and screaming towards the midnight hour wih a combination of dread and gore!

Derby’s independent cinema QUAD has been running their Fright Club every month with cult film historian Darrell Buxton introducing some of the best scary films around for Midlands horror audiences.

Their next two screenings include not just well known horror sequel Nekromantik 2 but also a showing of Midlands-made film The Slayers followed by a question and answer session from its director John Williams.

The Slayers will be shown on Friday 23 February and this 104-minute film follows cult members Nigel and Job who decide to spend their final two weeks on Earth cruising the mountains of Scotland in search of girls, alcohol and skydiving.

All is well until they come across a strange man who claims to be a vampire hunter. Determined to secure their place in Heaven once the world ends, they decide to team up and destroy a head vampire.

Following on from that screening, on March 18th QUAD are pleased to announce they are showing a fully uncut version of Nekromantik 2 with another Q & A - this time with director Jörg Buttgereit, who is visiting from Germany.

Nekromantik 2 continues the belief that “love never dies” by picking up where the original left off as we follow Monika who still cares for the corpse of her dead lover Rob alongside her job as a nurse. Not for the faint of heart, this underground classic needs to be seen to be believed!

More info and to buy tickets for The Slayers screening please click here: https://www.derbyquad.co.uk/film/fright-club---the-slayers--director-q-and-a.aspx

And for Nekromantik 2 you can find additional details here: https://www.derbyquad.co.uk/film/fright-club---nekromantik-2--director-q-and-a--18--s.aspx

For more information on Fright Club screenings and future Derby QUAD events check out the cinema’s official website at www.derbyquad.co.uk

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