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By midlandsmovies, May 23 2018 02:33PM

Five Lamps Films 24hr Film Challenge

Like previous years, closing the Derby Film Festival is the brilliant Five Lamps Films 24hr Film Challenge which sees participants of any experience produce a short film of three minutes over the course of 24 hours.

The following weekend all of the efforts which qualified are screened for the entrants and the public to enjoy, with awards given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. This year saw the introduction of the Spirit Award which was awarded to the team who most embodied the spirit of the challenge.

Before the films that were shown, short film Bella in the Wych Elm by Andrew Rutter was screened as it had won the Paracinema award for Best Short Film at this year’s festival. Shot and based in the West Midlands, this unnerving horror is based on a true story and worth checking out if you are a fan of conspiracy theories or ghost stories in general.

Again Five Lamps Films Sam Jordan and Carl Bryan were on hand to oversee the night, bringing in the laughs early on with their introduction to the competition. This was a taste of what was to come as comedies seemed to be the most popular genre this year.

Congratulations to all who have taken part in this year’s challenge, here are some of note from the evening's gala:

Siskamedia – The Right Swipe

This took third place on the night was a riot from start to finish. A funny, modern look at the world of dating and a satirical look at how technology now plays a huge part in the dating experience. Having taken first place last year with Clockworks, I look forward to see what Siskamedia do next.

Scarlett Light Media – Stranger in the Firelight

One of the more ambitious shorts of the night. A western complete with costumes, horses and pistols. A great premise with a great finale. I think this story has potential to expand into a bigger short film or even a feature.

Adam Morgan – E22

Interestingly Adam created this short by himself, taking on every role with confidence. When a man receives a phone call from another “Earth” he doesn’t quite believe it, the person on the other end resides on “Earth 22”, a desolate place where the nature we take for granted here on “Earth 1” is seen as paradise.

Tape Worms – Spoonful

A slow burning short on what is wrong with society...and with a very surprising ending! This is well worth checking out.

SuperFreakMedia – Alone

A post-apocalyptic short which wouldn’t have looked out of place premiering through Paracinema. Beautifully shot and designed realistically, the sound also plays a major role in ramping up the tension. Very John Carpenter-Esque. Follow Percy as he tried to decipher why he is alone in the now desolate world. Deservingly awarded first place.

Trash Arts – The Right Person

A darkly comic look at impressing your interviewer. The company the lady is interviewing for is a type of data analyst firm. Given the timely debate in regards to our data being shared online, this feels very socially aware. Unlucky to not get anything on the night as this had something important to say.

Body in the Box – Korma Karma

A great title and also a great short. If this was made into a longer short it would probably fall into the erotic thriller category. A man and a woman enjoy a first blind date, however the smouldering atmosphere soon turns to tension as it appears both are holding something back in regards to their true selves. Rightly awarded second place.

YFB Productions – Undercover Sex Cop

With another great title comes another great short which is a parody of 70’s action films and TV shows. Very funny and had the audience in tears and this won the Spirit Award for embodying what the challenge is all about.

Other comedies worth mentioning are Birdshite, Gavin and The Tinfoil Knights and the Quest for the Golden Spoon. All bonkers shorts that made everyone laugh.

Congratulations again to everyone who participated, like festival director Adam Marsh said in his opening speech. It’s important to always end the festival with a local event, and what better event to close the Derby Film Festival than the Five Lamps Film’s 24 Hour Film Challenge.

You can check out most of these films and other films from Five Lamps Films archives here.


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