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By midlandsmovies, Feb 14 2016 07:13PM

Local filmmaker Emily Jasper is crowdfunding for her new project which is an historical drama of danger and adventure on the old highways of Britain.

Midlands movie maker Emily Jasper is a media and film production student who is taking the next leap in her career as she begins the ground work for her new exciting project. This aspiring cinematographer is also involved in still photography and has put plans together for a period drama film that's a world away from her previous work.

Written, directed and edited by Emily, her 2015 short film "Trek" followed the journey of two brothers in a dense forest and allowed Emily to experiment with her creative visions with a small cast but with big ideas.

In addition, Emily’s creative endeavours have broadened out to include short promo videos for bands and even a taekwondo club run by Clive Harrison – an impressive 8th Dan with over 41 years experience in martial arts - to showcase a wide range of commercial interests.

Her next project is an ambitious film currently with the working title “The Highwaywoman”. She plans to create the story as a short period drama set during the Stuart period. The film is based around the legend of famous highway bandits and in particular, a female highwayman called Anne Lovell.

Emily describes the story as a woman who is “bored by the everyday life of a woman living in the Stuart period, that goes on to seek excitement and danger”.

“She chooses to don a cloak and mask to cause terror on the roads as a highwayman”, Emily adds.

“When she meets William Shotbolt an infamous dangerous highwayman her desire is fuelled even more”.

The narrative continues as despite having a loving sister and a fiancé in her life, Anne wants more and must choose between the simple life and adventure.

With a great setup established, the next stage is for Emily to begin crowdfunding (which lasts until May - see link below) with an added incentive that 10% of all donations go to the RSPCA Animal Charity.

Finally, Emily has arranged for costume artwork by Hannah Hall to be designed which has already got the ball rolling, and she has high hopes for her new work. Emily plans to begin filming soon and in the meantime, please check out her personal showreel on the VIMEO video above.

Emily Jasper links:

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/EmilyJas

THE HIGHWAYWOMAN CROWD FUNDING: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/the-highwaywoman

EMILY JASPER’S VIMEO PAGE https://vimeo.com/emilyjasper

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