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By midlandsmovies, May 18 2017 08:15AM

In May 2017 with the release of Ridley Scott's latest entry into his sci-fi franchise, Alien: Covenant, Midlands Movies held a brand new competition for our readers.

To celebrate the release, we offered one lucky reader the chance to win a BluRay box set of 5 of the Alien films including Scott's original and its prequel Prometheus.

We had over 400 entrants and we have randomly picked one lucky person out of the "egg" and the winner is....

Twitter user >>>> https://twitter.com/_mia_mills_

Congratulations! Please get in touch via direct message to claim your prize.

Thanks for everyone who took part and please keep following on Twitter for more great giveaways

Midlands Movies Mike

By midlandsmovies, Feb 19 2017 06:23PM

90s comedy and music classic Wayne's World was released 25 (!) years ago on February 14th 2017.

As part of the celebration, we offered one lucky reader the chance to win a Wayne's World baseball cap.

We had over 100 entrants and we have randomly picked one lucky person out of the hat (lol) and the winner is....

Twitter user @copiusluke

Congratulations Luke! Please get in touch via direct message to claim your prize.

Thanks for everyone who took part and please keep following on Twitter for more great giveaways

Midlands Movies Mike

By midlandsmovies, Jan 22 2017 09:48PM

Midlands Movies would like to thank all our readers and film followers for a great year of support in 2016.

To kick off 2017 with a bang we had a brand new competition where one lucky reader could get their hands on an Aliens film poster - which ties in with the impending release of the next installment of the franchise later this year - Alien: Covenant.

To enter, we asked readers to follow & RT our comeptition tweet and one winner has now been chosen at random.

And the lucky winner is Twitter user....


Congratulations Matt!!!

Please get in touch to claim your prize!

Thanks to everyone who entered and please keep an eye on our site for many more competition prizes coming your way soon.

Midlands Movies

By midlandsmovies, Nov 8 2016 07:00PM

In November 2016 Midlands Movies held a competition to tie in with the UK home release of X-Men: Apocalypse on DVD & Blu-Ray by giving away a Marvel X-Men Enclyopedia Book for fans to read about the comic origins of the superhero group.

We've pulled out one winner at random to take home the prize on the X-Men day of release (7th November) and the lucky prize recipient is....

Twitter user - AllesKlar71


Get in touch to receive your prize and a big thank you to all the entrants.

More prize competitions coming soon!

By midlandsmovies, Oct 15 2016 12:01PM

In October 2016 we launched a competition in conjunction with Starbase Leicester for a lucky reader to win 2 tickets to their screening of sci-fi action films Edge of Tommorow and Pacific Rim.

The films will be showing as part of a soule screening at The Phoenix in Leicester.

With over 50 entrants entering by retweeting our competition tweet we have picked one winner at random to win both tickets and that is Twitter user....


Congratulations Vipin Thomas!

Please get in touch for details on how to claim your prize!

Please stay tuned for more prizes coming soon for Midlands movies fanatics

By midlandsmovies, Aug 26 2016 04:07PM

In August 2016 we ran a competition to win a copy of 6 classic DVDs courtesy of Simply Home Entertainment who are the UK's largest DVD and CD mail order business.

You can follow them at @Simply_HE or order from their website www.simplyhe.co.uk

With over 400 entrants who followed us on Twitter and Retweeted the competition tweet Midlands Movies posted, we pulled one winner out at random on August 26th and the person who has won the lucky prize is....

Twitter user @TonyEarnshaw

Congratulations Tony and get in touch with your address and details to claim you prize

You join other lucky Midlands Movies winners here: www.midlandsmovies.com/blog/4558436876/Competition-Winners/7531484

Thanks to everyone who entered and we have more competitions coming very very soon

Midlands Movies

By midlandsmovies, Aug 1 2016 06:16PM

Golden age Hollywood films come to the UK for the first time

Midlands fans of classic movies are in for a treat this month as six films from a bygone era are released from the Universal Pictures/Hollywood Classics stable.

Starring a wealth of screen legends including Tony Curtis, Debbie Reynolds and Spencer Tracy, the films come to DVD for the very first time in the UK and are due for release on 8th August 2016.

From comedy, drama, action, romance and musicals, each movie is a forgotten gem from the period with a long-lasting legacy which also mix big name celebrities and solid support in overlooked motion pictures.

First up, The Purple Mask (1955) is set in Napoleonic France with Some Like It Hot’s Tony Curtis roped into a kidnap plot in a rollicking tale that also feature’s Britain’s own Angela Lansbury (Murder She Wrote).

Sign of the Pagan (1954) stars swaggering Jack Palace (of 1991’s City Slickers https://t.co/oPYt6iWsgK ) as Attila the Hun who meets his match in Jeff Chandler who plays a Roman Centurion. Betrayals abound as they fall in love with the same woman in this historical epic – the kind of which influenced 2016’s Hail! Caesar from the Coens.

Next, the young Russian composer Rimsky‐Korsakov is the subject of 1947’s Song of Scheherazade as he falls for an exotic Spanish dancer which inspires his greatest work. Fact and fiction combine in this romantic drama which also stars Hollywood icon Yvonne De Carlo – also seen in The Ten Commandments.

Film legend George Scott stars in the elementary They Might be Giants (1971) as a widowed judge who loses his wife and his grip on reality to believe he is in fact Sherlock Holmes. This romantic mystery is directed by Anthony Harvey (editor on Dr. Strangelove) and stars Joanne Woodward as a psychiatrist who becomes Scott’s very own Dr. Watson.

Screen starlet Debbie Reynolds (Singin’ in the Rain) stars as a woman juggling the attentions of two men in This Happy Feeling (1958) as her boss and an up-and-coming actor attempt to woo her. John Saxon (seen also in The Godfather) won a Golden Globe for Most Promising Male Newcomer for his performance as the younger suitor.

And finally, Howard Hughes-produced Sky Devils (1932) is a comedy caper showcasing Spencer Tracy as a workshy airman who, along with his sidekick, attempts to dodge strict sergeants and distracting damsels as they become accidental war heroes.

You can grab these DVDs from http://www.simplyhe.com and Midlands Movies will also be soon offering one lucky reader a chance to win all the films on DVD courtesy of Simply Media.

In a special Hollywood classic competition we will be launching later in the month, the prize winner will get to enjoy each of these timeless movies as a definitive collection of rediscovered masterpieces.

Watch this space!

Midlands Movies Mike

By midlandsmovies, May 30 2016 09:29AM

In May 2016 we offered 2 tickets to the Summer Nights Film Festival courtesy of Kathy Frain at Derby Quad.

On May 30th we drew one winner at random from the entrants and that winner is....

Twitter user - @ChrisHallamNott

Congratulations Chris and a huge thanks for everyone for entering. Stay tuned for future competitions and enter via Twitter @midlandsmovies

Thank you

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