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By midlandsmovies, Sep 23 2018 05:39PM

Bad Samaritan (2018) Dir. Dean Devlin

With a unique if exploitation-esque story, Bad Samaritan’s script by Brandon Boyce tells an interesting tale of valets who use the cars left in their trust to burgle the houses of their unwitting victims whilst they dine.

Robert Sheehan stars as one of the criminals Sean Falco, who on one particular job to steal from David Tennant’s Cale Erendreich stumbles across a woman being held captive at his home. As the title suggests, the devious deeds of Sean are outweighed by his disgust at the kidnap and torture he’s uncovered.

However, after going to the authorities it turns out their investigations turn up nothing and Cale becomes aware that Sean has discovered his chamber and subsequently hatches plans to ruin his life. But despite scenes of dark horror, the film really is a silly affair overall. Tennant’s over-the-top performance is pure pantomime and much like the similar Don’t Breathe, a fantastic premise is utterly wasted.

This film needed much more of a subtle hand to deliver its admittedly interesting concept with themes of guilt, responsibility and invasions of personal space. As a Get Out style satire it could have worked but it’s purely shlock nonsense here.

The situations spiral further out of control and as the scenes become increasingly ludicrous so does Tennant’s performance who appears to have realised what pap he has got into about halfway through filming.

Stupid, yet at a push somewhat fun, the cheap tricks on display may provide some entertainment for those with less demanding sensibilities but in reality this is TV-movie-of-the-week at best.

At best.


Mike Sales

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