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By midlandsmovies, Aug 28 2019 12:40PM

Midlands Review - A Sort of Burial

Directed by Lee Charlish


Korky Films

'A Sort of Burial' is another film from the prolific Korky Films, purveyors of twisted animations and macabre humour. While this is arguably their most wholesome and heart-warming film, the subject matter is still deliciously morbid and irreverently tongue-in-cheek.

It's time to say goodbye to Basil, as siblings Alistair and Carla gather by his graveside with a bloke named Harry to pay their... respects? It's all rather perfunctory, as it's clear Alistair would rather not be there and Harry keeps cracking wise in a most disrespectful way, much to Carla's annoyance.

She's trying to mourn over here! The Vicar can barely get a word in with all the snide comments and feeble puns, but when he is heard it becomes obvious this is no typical funeral...

Not much more can be said about the story without spoiling the twist, though to be honest you're likely to get it almost immediately as it seems to be made fairly obvious from the start. That didn't spoil my enjoyment of the film at all, though, as the tone was spot on and lovingly cheeky. It's a little reminiscent of Death at a Funeral, which is by no means a bad thing!

The actors also do a great job, especially Marian Elizabeth as Carla, who struggles to keep the proceedings appropriately sombre.

There's something a little uncanny in how the film is shot that distracts a little. Perhaps it's the equipment used, or the lighting, but the scenes seem visually off, oddly flat. The framing of the burial scene is also subtly weird and off-putting; the reliance on close-ups makes it seem like the Vicar isn't in the same place as the mourners, even though they share a shot at the beginning of the scene.

Despite these distractions and the sensitive subject matter, this is a fun, cheeky little film, and the dedication at the end caps it off with a lovely warm fuzzy glow. This is one funeral that's sure to leave you with a smile on your face long past the service and well into the wake.

Sam Kurd

Twitter @splend

By midlandsmovies, Apr 8 2019 08:35AM

Midlands Spotlight - A Sort of Burial

A Sort of Burial is a new comedy, currently in pre-production, from Coventry based production company, Korky Films which was written by and will be directed by Midlands filmmaker Lee Charlish.

The film follows Alistair who is late for a funeral which annoys many including Carla who is there to say goodbye to her loyal family friend who is has now passed away. With the Vicar starting the service and Harry 'the fencer' having a job to do, the film is a funny look at a final send off.

Written by Midlands Movies Awards winner Lee Charlish, he again assumes directing and editing duties on this new film and he feels it’s a departure from his recent, more darker offerings.

Carla, the movie’s lead, will be played by Korky Films stalwart Marian ‘Mazzy’ Elizabeth who Lee describes as "solid, dependable and talented and she was the natural choice to assume the grief stricken and highly-agitated Carla".

Alistair, her hapless close friend will be played by Leicester-based actor, Martyn Luke. Lee adds, "Martyn is a well-established voice-actor who has provided voices on a few Korky Films animations previously. However, he is true talent in front of the screen too and is soon to appear in a few other local short films. His comic timing and expressive personality will bring the right level of credence to the often ‘put upon’ Alistair".

In addition, Leamington-based filmmaker Mark Hancock, who recently played The Psychopath in the last Korky Films ‘live-action’ release The Cold Caller, will assume a decidedly different role as Harry the Fencer.

And completing the cast is Stoke-based acting talent, Harrington Day as The Vicar, Gregory. "An accomplished, local actor, Harry is in constant demand by filmmakers for his professionalism and acting brilliance. He will compliment proceedings with a stoic and reverential turn in front of the cameras", says Lee.

As with The Cold Caller, the crew list for A Sort of Burial isdeliberately small as again, the production will be total self-funded. Like a lot of local filmmakers, Lee will use his house and garden, and minimal exterior locations as well, to keep costs deliberately down.

But Lee doesn't want to stop there. "More, larger scale scripts have been written, however, for the short-term, I have concentrated on preparing a slate of smaller-scale films, deliberately written so they can be filmed economically on a shoestring budget".

He adds, "To be clear, everyone gets paid; we fully support the needs of creatives, but we just cannot compete with projects who secure funding. For us, it just isn’t there, despite our output and successes. That said, our small-scale movies are no less ambitious and the level of professionalism we squeeze out of productions is a testament to the team’s talent".

Behind the camera is Damien Trent, another Coventry-based filmmaker (from Doktored Films) and Damien has previously worked as a sound recordist on the Korky Films/Jam-AV production, Scarecrow and operated camera on The Cold Caller. And finally, Ryan Clarke, a new member of the team will provide assistance to Lee as First AD.

Lee is currently looking for local musicians who may be able to assist in crafting a score and/or creating an original song to complement proceedings.

"The movie also requires a sound recordist and we're actively trying to recruit a competent professional before shooting begins on May 5th in Coventry, West Midlands".

For more information follow Korky Films on Twitter and Facebook

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