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By midlandsmovies, Dec 31 2016 11:32AM

A Real Peach is a noir inspired Midlands short

Midlands Movies showcases new crime-noir film “A Real Peach” which has an unusual origin story that happened more by accident than by design.

The story of the short starts with Raya Films and their film “Do Something, Jake”. In that feature, the protagonist Jake watches old black and white movies so the filmmakers came up with a unique way of avoiding rights issues by filming their own film-within-a-film.

Screenwriter Caroline Spence decided that if they were going to go to the trouble of producing clips reminiscent of the 1940s noir era, they could edit them together to make a short film and subsequently “A Real Peach” was born.

Made in the Quorn/Loughborough area Leicestershire, the film uses the tropes of the genre with covert meetings, a murdered tenant, a dangerous criminal and some thoroughly dashing chaps - all unwittingly linked by 'a real peach' of a plan.

Originally comprised of seven separate vignettes, the extra black and white footage inserted into the feature was influenced by Caroline Spence’s love of the genre.

"I grew up watching a lot of movies from the '30s and ‘40s," explains Caroline, "so it was fun shaping the characters and recreating movie dialogue of the era. Many of the character names are taken from some of my favourite films from Mrs Muir (1947) and The Cat and The Canary (1939) as well as some iconic actors of the day like Vivien (Leigh) and Rex (Harrison)”.

Shot in just in one day at Quorn Village Hall with zero budget, the short benefited greatly from period costumes organised by theatre director Sharon Scott. Add to that lighting and cinematography from Nick Williams, direction from James Smith, and original score by Nikolas Labrinakos, the producers achieved their goal of recreating a classic crime noir look that feels as if it was shot circa 1939.

A Real Peach's teaser trailer can be viewed above and is already out to film festivals whilst Do Something, Jake is scheduled for release Summer 2017.

For further information

Visit the Raya Films website at www.rayafilms.com

MDb link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5815932

Twitter: @rayafilms @cspenceproducer

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