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Top 10 Most Overrated Films (10 - 6)

By midlandsmovies, Oct 16 2012 09:28AM

This list will provoke many a “how could you?” response but the words I write come from the heart and I am going to try and take a look at some of the films (most of which I own) that I feel are just not up to the heaps of praise that is lavished upon them. This may be because of my own personal preferences, the weight of history and reverence on a film’s shoulders or just a plain old didn’t get the hype. So my top ten begins at 10 as we countdown my most overrated films of all time...

10. Kill Bill

I am going to look at Kill Bill Volume 1 which although miles better than the awful Volume 2 is therefore cursed by the overrated opinion more. Fans love this film. Why? I’m not sure. I love Quentin Tarantino. Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are jointly in my top films of all time so why did I not rate this film? Well, it is Tarantino doing “homage” at his worst with nods to other and better films. “Oh look, it’s that tracksuit from the Bruce Lee film, wait it’s Sonny Chiba from another film that I like.” It’s a geek showing off his movie collection and you are either along for the ride because you are a fan of this type of film-reference or you think, “Hey, Quentin why not make a film of your own? Some characters that I care about and some original ideas”. Not all will work but I didn’t come along to see the other films. It’s the Meet-The-Spartans of his movies and overly long and rambling to boot. Leapfrog his next homage of Death Proof to the infinitely better Inglorious Basterds instead.

9. Easy Rider

#MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING#. I bought this after reading many an article hailing the move as a “milestone” in 1960s cinema. The soundtrack is a thing of beauty (the iconic riffs of Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” being one of those musical cues synonymous with the film) but the rest of the plot is a meandering mess hailed by critics as a psychedelic drug-induced ride getting into the characters mindset but I see this for what it really is - a right old tortuous and chaotic disaster. And that ending? Again, read by many in hindsight as the ultimate symbolic “end” of the 60s free spirit, I thought it was a cop out of the highest order to a film with nowhere left to go. Hopper in the Sky with Diamonds.

8. X2

With Superhero sequels often considered better than the originals as directors dispense with origin-story padding and get straight into the action this movie has consistently appeared on best superhero movies of all time. However I think it’s more of an Iron Man 2 (terrible) than a Spider-Man 2 (brilliant). The plot has the awesome Wolverine tediously pottering about either Xavier’s Mansion and (even duller) a suburban neighbourhood whilst Magneto takes an age to escape from his plastic prison. Left on an ambiguous ending and with many a bad CGI effect (plane versus Storm) this film didn’t expand on the interesting issues of social outsiders, exiles and outcasts from the first film. An underused Alan Cumming (who is the best thing about the movie), a poor villain and his “psychic” son and a sidelining of Rogue who centred the first film had me underwhelmed from the start.

7. Blade Runner

No doubt a controversial choice and although I can appreciate the look, the effects, the score, the acting and the tone of this film I still have one single niggling point I would like to address. That little thing is MY GOD IT IS BORING! Multiple watches have yet to enthuse me about this film, friends have gone through plot and character developments until they are blue in the face but this film does not feel like a sci-fi noir to me. Deckard’s investigations move at a snail’s pace and just as it gets interesting, Scott’s focuses on some minutae or Deckard eating some slop which stops the flow altogether. I guess we’re supposed to be along for the ride with Deckard, finding things out as he does but fuck me, he basically finds out fuck all – including the controversial fact that he himself is (or could be) a replicant. For some, Scott’s ultimate movie, but for me, still overrated beyond belief and I hope his proposed sequel can find a faster running pace.

6. Mulholland Drive

Another long-time must-see which ended up as a wishing I hadn’t. Lynch does his best Lynch with this as a proposed pilot for what (in my eyes) would have been a much better US TV drama. Effectively a removal of funds forced Lynch into creating an (*SPOILER*) “it’s all a dream” finale which critics somehow fell for. The biggest joke seems to be on them for believing the Hollywood dream that Lynch himself has created that a half-finished and half-thought out film is a piece of cinematic genius. No dice. The set up is all cool Hollywood veneer in the vein of LA Confidential but the pay off is less satisfying than an episode of Baywatch (which once had a Mitch/Hasselhoff dying episode that left me more fulfilled). Lynch is better than this and he knows it.

Oct 16 2012 09:45AM by Ian Nesbit

i own four of these five films, haha.
Kill Bill, yes, is disappointing, but i got it in a Tarrantino box-set.
Easy Rider, i agree.
X2, although much lauded over by people, doesn't really go anywhere nor do much for me, even though I'm a big Marvel fan.
Blade Runner, i cannot agree with you on, it's fantastic.
Mullholland Drive? I bought cos i love Naomi Watts and wanted to see her breasticles.

Oct 16 2012 10:20AM by Mike

I own all bar Kill Bill - got all other Tarantino films and these are just the tip of my iceberg

May 17 2013 10:56AM by Matthew T. Dalldorf

OK, my turn to comment:

Kill Bill- I wouldn't say it's as bad as 'Meet The Spartens', but I agree with everything else you said; it's a pretentious, bland, self-seving mess of references to mostly better movies. All the way through I was thinking, "Why aren't I watching 'Lady Snowblood' right now?" and the movie had no answer except, "Yeah, why aren't you?" It's also worth mentioning that the fights are not that good; there have been better action scenes before KB, there where better action scenes being filmed during KB and there have been better action scenes after KB. Just accept it QT fans.

Easy Rider: Hey, I really like this one, but I have a weakness for films that make me nostalgic for decades I've never lived in. As for the ending being a cop-out, you must remember that the heroes dying at the end of a movie, may seem trite and contrived now (*Cough* 9:10 To Yuma remake! *Caugh*), but at the time it was made that was still a ballsy move. Keep in mind this was 1969; the killing of movie protagonists wasn't nearly as overused at it would become in the next decade. Anyway, I mainly like it because it acts as sort of a history lession; it teaches me about the spiret and attatudes of the times (with, in may ways, are still relevent today) and does so in a compelling and entertaining way. Also, it has one of the best soundtracks of any movie ever.

X2: Haven't seen this one. What you are reading now is just filler.

Blade Runner: When I first saw this, I didn't know what to think of it, and seeing as how I only watched it once, I still don't. I'll see this one again and, if I remember, I'll get back to you.

Mulholland Drive: Haven't seen this one eaither. Can not comment.

Jan 1 2014 11:49AM by VG

Kill Bill 1 and 2 ... Pulp fiction ... even The Matrix is overrated .... That's it so far !!!! ...

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