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The life aquatic - The Hot Tub Cinema comes to the Midlands

By midlandsmovies, Apr 18 2015 01:53PM

The life aquatic - The Hot Tub Cinema comes to the Midlands

Tub Tropicana Tour, Birmingham: Mean Girls (2004).

The original award winning Hot Tub Cinema events have landed in the Midlands this month with their unique brand of soothing bubbles, frothy suds and film screenings. Midlands Movies Editor, Mike Sales, took a group of film friends to this unique cinematic experience.

With a calendar of full events, the Hot Tub Cinema jumped on the social cinema scenes a few years back in a market that is exploding across the UK. They do not have a single permanent location but screen films in a variety of exciting spaces across the country as well as internationally. During summer they bravely venture to the UK outdoors (spaces included rooftops, courtyards, parks, etc) whilst for the colder seasons the company uses more sheltered indoor locations.

Strictly over 18s, we arrived for our showing at Boxxed in Digbeth, Birmingham, just 15 minutes from the city’s Bullring Shopping Centre. This art space with skylight was the perfect location to see the sun set as we were welcomed in by the friendly door staff. After explaining the set-up, we were shown to the changing area – a sparse gazebo split for men and women – but the service from the organisers was top notch. We were shown to the tub, helpfully (and securely) dropped off our bags and explained that tokens are bought to buy drinks – no wet money in the tub!

With our bags full of our swim-wear, towels, flip flops and a much needed plastic bag to take them home, we quickly changed, dropped off our bags and jumped in our allocated tub. Some of the hot tubs were already full (they can take up to 6 people) and with the light still coming in to the hall, it all seemed a bit sparse. However, these fears were quickly allayed as the sun set, the drinks flowed and the film began

With relaxation being the focus, the cinema has two large pop up screens on either side so no patrons have to turn around to view a single screen whilst the waiter service provided a brilliant way to get drinks delivered direct to your tub. They also provide a small covered bin for your towels and a table to rest your phone – you just need to make sure it’s waterproof!

With our drinks warming as we rested the bottom of the cups on the 39 degree water, the steam started to rise and the audience enjoyed the high school hijinx of the Lindsey Lohan’s finest hour.

Although some may find the thought of being half naked (and wet) with others their worst nightmare, Hot Tub Cinema have done everything to make the guests feel welcome. The choice of films are suitable with dramatic and serious films being put aside for more popular fare like the 80s classics of Pretty Woman and Top Gun, the music-based Grease & Rocky Horror Picture Show or the comedic Anchorman and The Hangover movie. Avoiding the traditional hot tub clichés of the weird sex hotel or seedy massage parlours, the cinema is more akin to a club with bar, neon lighting and, once the film was over, a DJ spinning some eclectic retro dance tunes.

The luxurious benefits of watching a film in a tub was a great experience – however you should be prepared to get hot. Very hot! After a while, a trip to the nearby bathroom – required for the amount of alcohol that was drunk – was as much needed to just cool down and give my dehydrated Yoda-skin wrinkled body a brief bit of respite as much as anything else.

But the fun was plain to see for those who were there. Laughs coming from each tub were equally from the comedy film we were all watching as well as the embarrassing “slips” and crazy body movements in the tub to find a suitable position. This was especially true, if like us, you had a 6ft 5 person in with you. But the atmosphere was certainly filled with enthusiasm and excitement from the start.

An entertaining film experience that differs from the norm, a stuffy film fanatic may find this a tad vulgar but everyone else should leave their inhibitions and clothes at the door (oo-er) and enjoy a pleasurable few hours unwinding. And with that, no one could jacuzzi me of watering down my recommendation for this awesome aquatic affair.

For more information on future dates and to book a tub check out their official website and social media pages below:

Official Website: http://hottubcinema.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hottubcinema

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HotTubCinema

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