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The Wrong Floor does the right things

By midlandsmovies, Nov 22 2014 04:59PM

The Wrong Floor is a new British grindhouse action thriller by Leicester siblings the Hamill brothers who have been making their movie around the UK and Spain over the last 18 months. Mike speaks to them both to find more out about their gangster/horror flick.

See the full video interview with Mike and the brothers on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZP6WyDezPQ

Currently in production with a 2014 release date pencilled in, the film tells the story of Danny, whose father, a pioneering research scientist, has disappeared. Suspecting foul-play, Danny goes undercover at the research centre where he worked and soon discovers that there is something sinister at work.

The brothers go on to describe it as “a race against time for Danny to save himself, his father and the entire planet!”

Marc and his brother Carl not only make the film, they both star in the movie as well. Taking on multiple jobs at their production company Marc is listed as Director, Writer, Camera Op and Editor (phew!) whilst Carl is the lead actor in the film but doesn’t stop there. He also adds Producer, Script Editor and PR duties to his film resume.

As well as the many roles they play on set, the brothers got the great artistry skills of Tom Hodge (a Hollywood designer originally from Leicester) to create the poster for the film. After seeing his design for schlock spoof Hobo with a Shotgun (which starred Rutger Hauer) they asked him to design something for their film and came back with a brilliant hand drawn design.

Trying to revive the dying art of classic poster design, the artwork consists of shots from the movie and has a flavour of Drew Struzan – the man behind classics like Back to the Future and The Goonies.

Mike spoke in depth to both Carl and Marc so please view the whole video interview in the film below.

For further information about the film go the movie's official website here http://thewrongfloor.com and Tom Hodge's poster designs here http://thedudedesigns.com

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