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The Derby Film Commission

By midlandsmovies, Jul 15 2015 07:13PM

Midlands Movies Mike finds out about a new community project called the Derby Film Commission that will soon launch in the Midlands...

The Derby Film Commission is an independent organisation whose purpose is to promote Derby as a film making location to the world with a planned Digital Production Directory that will soon be made available to professional production companies across the globe.

The DFC also aims to promote local economic development; creating jobs for local film crew and cast as well as multiple opportunities for people of all ages. Spearheading the community spirit, the organisation aims to encourage local people to become involved in film making and will attempt to raise the skill levels of the film making talent in Derby.

But as well as sharing and encouraging local filmmakers, the DFC intends to produce its own feature films and television content using the talent of their members as well. They believe by producing their own content it will “show the world that we have the infrastructure and the talent here in Derby”.

With over a decade in the industry, Lloyd James is the Commissioner for Derby Film Commission. As an experienced cameraman, director of photography, writer and actor, Lloyd understands what a production company needs from a process he has learnt first-hand.

Gaining his Film Commissioner qualifications in late 2014, he hopes to become the first Certified Film Commissioner in the UK when the organisation officially launches in the coming months.

Membership to the commission varies with 70 “Business” memberships on offer with companies paying a fee to be listed on the site’s digital production directory. For individuals, you can pay to be one of 100 “Premium” users that will feature professional cast and crew who reside in Derby or you can sign up for FREE where users may be offered work experience opportunities through courses run by the DFC.

Courses will hopefully include such film-based activities like stage combat, fight choreography, camera operating (for Red, Blackmagic and Arri), DSLR filmmaking, SFX makeup plus many others.

Finally, the company continue to promote not only the people of Derby and Derbyshire but also the many filming locations of the area. DFC will also be offering a guide on how to market a property as a location for filming through their website.

For information please check out their membership applications and more at

http://www.derbyfilmcommission.com or email info@derbyfilmcommission.com

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