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Spotlight - Shining on Light Films

By midlandsmovies, Jun 8 2014 10:31AM

After the success of the 2013 feature film Wasteland (click for our Spotlight on this Nottingham film) which was entirely made in the East Midlands, Light Films are back with their next feature film Rat Catcher.

Light Films are well known in the Midlands for being ambitious and keen filmmakers and their post-Apocalyptic film Wasteland gained a major global deal in Cannes last year and the team are now ready for their next project.

Mike asked Chrissa Maund, Film Producer and company Director of Light Films what their future plans are. “We want to move forward. If we don’t move forward, and keep up our activity levels then we run the risk of everything becoming stagnant; our expertise, our skill and the relevance of what we can bring to the industry.”

Light Films have produced 6 short films and 1 feature film since Chrissa’s inception in 2008, and they’re currently in the pre-production of Rat Catcher which is their new action thriller set deep in the forest.

“We love bringing stories to life through film, and having Chrissa on board to make a business of our pictures works really well for us” added Tom Wadlow, the film’s director and owner of Light Films. “We push ourselves harder with each production and this time we’re really stepping up our game with better equipment, more expensive talent and so finally we have a budget”.

Rat Catcher follows the story of three brothers who take a hunting trip in remote, snow covered woodland. As they arrive for their long weekend away, they discover they are not the only ones on the hunt. Chrissa compares the movie to genre films like Rambo, Deerhunter and the Bourne series.

With the direction from their Universal Studios trained Tom Wadlow and top fight and stunt choreographer Dr Ian Stapleton, Rat Catcher promises action and violence and with award winning scriptwriter Gavin Harrison to compliment the team, the twist in the tale promises to surprise even the most keen film fan.

“Following the recent statistics about UK indie film dying, we are naturally concerned. Hitchcock was a nobody once, he didn’t just suddenly become one of the best filmmakers of all time overnight and get a big deal with a big studio. Talent has to start somewhere. We pride ourselves on our ability to showcase the talent of our film crew and cast, but how do we do it when there is very little government backing to develop this area of commerce? We have turned to private investment and community based funding in order to produce our films… It’s hard work, but it’s rewarding for all those involved and provides a sense of achievement, too”.

Light Films are appealing to people who want to get involved, and businesses too. They’re well known in the area for their marketing expertise, which has seen some of their clients grow by over 300%, and are inviting regional, national and international companies to benefit from their expertise by contributing a small amount to their film finance campaign. They also promise to create more than 20 jobs if they complete their financial target.

You can get more information on Rat Catcher and the crowdfunding campaign by watching the videos here http://tinyurl.com/RATCATCHER-Campaign or emailing light films - info@lightfilms.co.uk

Watch some Behind the Scenes RatCatcher: at YouTube http://youtu.be/m3zGTPhyEy0




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