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Sci-Fi Short "Athena" from 305 Productions

By midlandsmovies, Sep 14 2014 06:37PM

Our new Midlands Spotlight is sci-fi drama short film 'Athena' which is due to hit screens later in 2014 and tells a story of a couple who voyage through space to embark on a colonisation experiment when suddenly their routine journey encounters an anomaly which impacts the course of their future. Midlands Movies Mike delves into an event (horizon) due in the Midlands in a few months...

With the story conception developed in March 2014, the writers wanted to attempt something more ambitious than your average 'kitchen sink' drama that many short films tend to be. Not knocking that genre, 305 Productions had gone that route too previously, but this new idea was to make a sci-fi film set on board a space vessel, meaning they would have to also design and build the interior for the craft from scratch.

With a month or two of script development and evolving over a couple of passes from a straight forward nuts and bolts “disaster-escape” plot featuring two crew members, thee writers ended with a much more complex relationship drama revolving around a specific sci-fi trope and featuring a cast of four.

A concept sketch by Adam Gosling for the interior set for the space vessel was designed and built by Luke Gosling during a 7-day period spanning 2 months and this complex two sided set was designed in such a way it could be re-jigged during the shoot allowing it to be used as four different areas on board "Oceanus II". Finally, they approached casting websites and received interest from a wide and varied group of actors to select from, all willing to get on board having read the script including the following who can be seen in the pic below. Male Pilot 1 - Jonny McClean, Leicestershire (Top left), Female Pilot 1 - Eleanor Sharky – Nottinghamshire (Top right), Male Pilot 2 - David Waterman, Hertfordshire (Bottom left) & Female Pilot 2 - Pat Munro, Nottinghamshire (Bottom right).

With cast and crew assembled, they filmed in 4K using a Sony PMW-F55 with AXS-R5 module and wrapped after two extremely hot and claustrophobic 11 hour days resulting in 180 shots in the can. The crew thanked the amazing effort from all involved especially those who gave up their spare time and delivered everything and more that was asked of them and they were very happy with what was achieved in camera which was exactly what they set out to get.

With crew members Paul Johnson (Nottinghamshire), Ben Sayers (Yorkshire) and Rebecca Bowes (Nottinghamshire) finishing the shooty, the lengthy post-production task by Sean Brown to sift through the material and begin and constructing the film that was envisaged.

Stay tuned for more updates from the project including potential release dates and premiere and for more information on the film follow the latest updates at their website: http://www.305productions.co.uk/athena.html

See the Athena teaser trailer here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oW7H48Pms1g

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