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Review - Transcendence

By midlandsmovies, Apr 6 2014 07:00AM

Transcendence (2014) Dir. Wally Pfister

As a huge fan of Nolan, this first film from his regular cinematographer Wally Pfister was eagerly awaited and even contains some regular faces including Cillian Murphy, Morgan Freeman (both Batman) and Rebecca Hall (The Prestige) from his previous collaborative films. Transcendence concerns itself with A.I. expert Dr. Will Caster (Depp) who is fatally wounded by an assassin from an extremist group concerned with the growth of computer power so his wife helps him upload his “conscience” to a quantum computer. Fresh from his stint as another powerful A.I. 'Jarvis' (in Marvel’s Avengers/Iron Man) Bettany plays real-life best friend and super-sceptic Max who has doubts about the power Depp now wields.

Like The Net, Hackers and Firewall (the latter also starring Bettany), computers and films have had an uneasy ride together as they are inherently an interactive medium in a one-way art-form and despite the big names and even bigger (£100m) budget Pfister delivers nothing but big disappointment. Scene after scene, the characters spout cod-1990s concerns about “the power of uncontrolled cyberspace” and for a film about the future it feels incredibly dated. Long, slow and unforgivably boring, the film looks the part (at times) but the basic storyline is somehow stretched over 2 agonising and illogical hours. This is one computer you’d happily switch off and not back on again.

5.5/10 Midlands Movies Mike

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