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Review - The Whole Truth

By midlandsmovies, Dec 4 2016 09:43PM

The Whole Truth (2016) Dir. Courtney Hunt

I love a good courtroom drama it has to be said. From the OTT theatrics of A Few Good Men to the schlock of Runaway Jury to the tight-as-hell script of the brilliant 12 Angry Men, the movies set amongst the legal profession have an intrinsic drama built in ready for thrills and tension.

Well sadly, in one of the worst things I’ve watched this year, we get Keanu Reeves (who excels in moving from box office hit to stinker with ease) playing attorney Richard Ramsay defending a 17 year old suspected of murdering his dad.

We know Reeves can play a lost-his-way lawyer from his excellent turn in The Devil’s Advocate but here he’s given nothing to work with as this TV movie-of-the-week production fails to raise any interest. Renée Zellwegger (almost unrecognisable; what has happened to her face?) plays the wife and mother with all the panache of a pancake whilst they have dug up Jim Belushi as the scumbag father.

There’s so very little here to get your teeth into with the drama playing out in flat shots, the character construction poor, the dialogue heavy on exposition and the few intriguing plot elements underdeveloped. Just as the film got going with the introduction of a twist most viewers will see coming a mile off, the film quickly ends and I looked around wondering if that was it.

Not without a few merits, the whole truth of The Whole Truth is that it’s guilty of being boring, tedious and dull.


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