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Review - The Green Inferno

By midlandsmovies, Mar 2 2016 04:09PM

The Green Inferno (2013) Dir: Eli Roth

After many documented problems Roth's homage to the Italian cannibal films of Deodato and Lenzi finally gets a home release. The film centres on student (played by the at the time, future Mrs Roth Lorenza Izzo) Justine as she joins a college activist group who set off to Peru to disrupt plans to bulldoze through the Amazon and with it, wipe out an indigenous tribe who live on the land that they desire.

The creepy yet charismatic leader of the activists, Alejandro, has an ulterior motive which ultimately contributes to the group finding themselves stranded in the jungle and not alone. The films concept should set it up to both mimic its influences whilst still allowing scope for the story to be told in a contemporary way however as with the majority of Roth's output any social commentary or subtext is not only lacking in substance but is also overpowered by the desire to shock and gross out.

If that were the full story then at least the gore fans would be happy but unfortunately the film is tonally and quality wise all over the place with the first forty minutes being perfunctory at best and weak at worst while the mixture of fratboy humour alongside what could have been serious commentary showing a clear disconnect between the perceived target audience and the actual audience for the sub-genre resulting in a slight alienation of both.

That said when the action actually starts Roth sporadically shows us his early promise and why he is in the relatively bigger leagues for horror. Sadly though there isn't enough meat in this film to last for its entire running time and while not terrible, The Green Inferno suffers from a weak first act, mixed performances and a disappointing conclusion. This barebones release is one for horror fans to rent rather than purchase.


Midlands Movies Marek

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