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Review - The Founder

By midlandsmovies, Feb 25 2017 04:55PM

The Founder (2016)

Dir: John Lee Hancock

Based on the real life story of Ray Kroc, a travelling salesman who happened across the fast food store owned by the McDonald’s and turned it from a single location to perhaps the largest fast food outlet in the world thanks to one thing – persistence.

Keaton is terrific as the aforementioned Kroc and it is testament to his performance that we find ourselves buying into his portrayal so much so that as the film and circumstances progress so do our thoughts and feelings towards him. Additional praise has to go to Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch as the McDonald brothers who similarly put in strong performances.

However despite the synopsis I got more out of the drama surrounding the brand, the competing ideals (a family restaurant or a new American church?) than the internal drive of Kroc which while ably handled were a little less interesting and developed. Getting this balance is a fine line and at times The Founder strays into sales pitch territory for the chain, I even started craving some fries at one point. Thankfully however the writer Robert Siegel knows when to tone it down avoiding the territory of a company love in as suffered by The Internship and things always picked up.

Like all biographical drama’s this won’t be for everyone, suffering from a natural ebb and flow in engagement throughout its near two hour duration but for anyone with an interest in business, branding and drama it provides an interesting watch and regardless of any accuracy or embellishment it tells an fascinating story of a man chasing his American dream.


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