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Review - The Conjuring 2

By midlandsmovies, Jun 13 2016 09:42PM

The Conjuring 2 (2016) Dir. James Wan

The highly likable Ed and Lorraine Warren return in this direct sequel to the 2013 original in which they travel to England in order to take on the Enfield poltergeist, one of the most documented paranormal cases around, and save a single mother and her kids from the mischievous spirit that resides within their home.

In an attempt at characterisation the film allows us to spend a bit of time with the family, pre-haunting, in an attempt to build not only some sort of relationship but also empathy for their economic situation and for the most part this works thanks to the believable performances from all.

However as with a lot of horror movies based on true stories there is a significant amount of artistic license at work in order to best work the story for a cinematic audience, such as the link between this case and the Amityville Horror and while the connection between the past and the present serves a narrative purpose it does little in terms of adding real value to the film or character development.

Director James Wan does once again manage to craft some decent frights but the poor use of CGI unfortunately undoes much of his work and it is telling that, much like Insidious 3 – which Wan helped produce, it is the non-horror moments of the film that work the best and feel the least forced. Highlighting both the ability held by the director and the ever increasing predictability of these films.

Between the telegraphed scares, cattle prod jumps and pretty decent humour Wan has once again brought us a steady mainstream horror film that will appease the masses but do little for the more involved horror fans. Oh and look out for the Annabelle 2 hint right at the end.


Midlands Movies Marek

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