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Review - The Boy

By midlandsmovies, Apr 23 2016 10:45AM

The Boy (2016 film) Dir. William Brent Bell

Another horror (my third in as many weeks) sees a young American woman (Greta) who travels to England to act as a nanny to a rich family’s son. Their son, Brahms, is a surprise in more ways than one – none more so than the fact he is a porcelain doll who is treated as alive by the elderly parents. Their real offspring died in a fire aged eight and they leave the “boy” with Greta and ask her treat him with respect before warning her that Brahms has a very strict regime. Greta is initially unsure if this is an elaborate prank but follows the mundane rules set by her employers.

Following a regular routine in the large house she now lives, she soon dismisses the ridiculous rules but this subsequently results in strange events involving the moody mannequin. These mysterious occurrences see Brahms moving around on his own whilst Greta starts to receive bizarre phone calls from persons unknown. One night, Greta gets locked in the attic and begins to believe Brahms may in fact be haunted by a spirit whilst her own miscarriage compels her to care for the vulnerable doll.

A soppy side-story of romance involving a family friend is needless and the film’s serious themes of loss and abuse are completely overshadowed by the absurd premise. A further reveal adds to The Boy’s preposterous story but lovers of silly, Saturday night frights may enjoy the silly set up but I would warn everyone else to come at this unsophisticated and brainless boy with low expectations.


Midlands Movies Mike

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