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Review - Only Lovers Left Alive

By midlandsmovies, Jan 1 2014 08:00AM

Only Lovers Left Alive (2014) Dir. Jim Jarmusch

The modern day story of two eternal vampires and their love and loathing for each other, the world around them and the human “zombies” that criss-cross their lives is an atmospheric if ultimately faint piece of mood cinema. Tom Hiddleston plays Adam, an aging alternative rocker longing for the recording sounds and instruments of the past as he reunites with his lover Eve (I see what you did there Jarmusch) who travels from Tangiers to rekindle a perpetual bond. The film had trouble getting funding from the outset (no surprise given the lack of interesting script, plot and characters) and Jarmusch simply infuses the film with atmospherics and a dark tone to replace its lack of story. The good points are clearly the performances of Swinton and Hiddleston with a great ambient score and eclectic soundtrack but as someone who has a personal interest in the dark, rock music and can play guitar – Adam’s introduction with a set of classic electric axes peaked my interest – the film is so beyond boring it hurt my neck. I needed some plot. Needed some story. Something to seek my teeth into! With its morose tone, how Jarmusch dared to stretch this over two long hours as some kind of antidote to Twilight is a risky proposition. To me, it’s rather the embarrassing parent of that tween film trying to recapture its youth on date night. It falls far short of portraying the sensual slayers as appealing and despite the praise lauded upon it by others, it is instantly forgettable and not the timeless tale it aims for. 5/10 Midlands Movies Mike

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