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Review - Kung Fury

By midlandsmovies, Jun 6 2015 10:10AM

Kung Fury (2015) Dir: David Sandberg

This crowdfunded short film comes across as a mash up of bad (read good) martial arts action films and 80s side scrolling beat em-up arcade games topped off with perhaps the most insane over the top action that you will ever see. Logic and quite frankly the rules of nature are cast aside in this mad action packed fun-filled rollercoaster of a film.

Set in 1985 the plot sees city cop Kung Fury travel back in time to kill the most deadliest criminal of all time - Kung Fuerher Hitler, but to do so he needs to call on his friends; the nerd Hackerman, his police partner Triceracop the Triceratop and of course the Norse god Thor. Makes sense right?

Writer/director/star David Sandberg proves that you don't need a massive budget to make an explosive and entertaining film just a green screen, bad one liners and plenty of humour. Kung Fury is one film that will entertain anyone with a penchant for action and the open ending hopefully hints at a full feature sequel. You can watch the film on YouTube above


Midlands Movies Marek

(Editor Mike: Couldn't agree more on this one. A great idea will always overcome any budget constraints and the hilarity of the 80s iconography, OTT jokes and ingenious effects and nods to low budget films make this an entertaining one to catch. Also, its online to watch for free too!)

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