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Review - Killing Gunther

By midlandsmovies, May 12 2018 08:10AM

Killing Gunther (2017) Dir. Taran Killam

Directed by funny-man Taran Killam, this new “comedy” stars Arnold Schwarzenegger who plays the world’s best hit man and the attempts by a group of assassins to try and get rid of the legendary killer.

The film is shot in a documentary/hand-held style and begins by introducing us to the contract killers explaining their background and relationship to Gunther as they join forces in their plans to kill him.

The documentary makers are there as proof they complete the job – thus also getting around the old question of “who is filming this” of such films. The hand-held nature seems a choice of low budget – no doubt a lot went to afford Arnie himself – but don’t be fooled by his appearance at the centre of the film’s poster. He actually arrives in the final 20 minutes!

The Gunther character DOES appear before then, as a thorn in the group’s side, but he is consistently covered in a trench coat, shown in blurred whip pans or merely talked about off-screen. In fact, it’s a bit of a hood-wink and without the draw of Arnie, the unfunny cast and low production values often fail to deliver anything of interest at all.

As they hunt Gunther, they become stalked themselves yet other than a few well-edited action sequences (clearly CGI enhanced) the movie’s puerile humour and OTT performances have all the charm, and value, of a Saturday Night Live sketch. And one that certainly didn’t need to be beyond the 10 minute length.

The film’s few positives nearly all occur when Arnie arrives as he pantomimes his way through a silly character in a ridiculous performance that is sorely missed from the rest of the film. Don’t be fooled by the marketing, this isn’t Arnie’s film at all, and in the end this awful comedy experiment will make you feel disappointed if not a little cheated.


Midlands Movies Mike

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