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Review - Green Room

By midlandsmovies, May 18 2016 02:54PM

Green Room (2016) Dir: Jeremy Saulnier

Jeremy Saulnier previously directed the fun comedy horror Murder Party (2007) and the acclaimed vengeance drama Blue Ruin (2013) and the essence of these two films help contribute to what makes Green Room both highly entertaining yet gritty.

The film follows idealistic punk band who land an unscheduled gig at an isolated venue, which also just so happens to be filled by neo-nazi punks. After kicking off their set with an impromptu cover of the Dead Kennedys ‘Nazi punks f**k off!’ and losing half the crowd things gradually improve until band member Pat (Anton Yelchin – Star Trek, Fright Night) accidently walks in on a murder scene backstage.

Suspicion, panic and violence ensues and the club owner, as played by a calm yet menacing Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: TNG, X-Men), is called in to fix the situation turning the film into a fantastically well-paced siege-come-survival movie as our luckless group try to escape.

The real strength of the film comes from its editing and pacing while the use of sound is at odds with recent cinematic scare tactics. There is no audio build up, no priming of the senses but just short sharp shocks to the system showing you realistic, graphic violence for just long enough to process before moving on. Ultimately this results in a tight film that is not afraid to mix up the tone in order to not only drive the narrative forwards but also to keep it exciting for the viewer.

Never outstaying its welcome Green Room packs a lot of ideas into its brief running time and succeeds all the more for it.


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