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Midlands Spotlight Archive - Who is Pete Blaggit?

By midlandsmovies, Apr 26 2013 05:26PM

With a string of great reviews already Midlands Movies Mike takes a look at Wolverhampton movie maker Mark Jeavons and his film Whatever Happened to Pete Blaggit...

Writer/director Mark Jevons is based in Wolverhampton and has toiled hard over 4 years on his second feature film: 'Whatever Happened to Pete Blaggit' which is now due for DVD release later in the year. It all began back in late 2005 when the 24-year old filmmaker set out to make an ambitious feature film which he ended up shooting on super 16mm with a small budget.

Putting together a talented cast and crew, the cameras rolled in August 2006 but it wouldn't be until November 2010 that the film would be finished, after what he describes as four long years of blood, sweat and tears. The making of the movie can also be seen in a brand new documentary from Mark called 'Four Years, Two Wigs & One Fridge: the Pete Blaggit story' which is a worts-and-all film revealing the rollercoaster ride of trying to get the film finished when it seemed all hope had been lost.

With interviews with Mark himself, casting director James Booth and leading actors Rob Leetham and Andy Pandini, the documentary is a refreshingly honest and candid re-telling of the struggle to bring Pete Blaggit to the big screen.

With reviews saying the film “pulls every emotion from the audience” (Film Pilgrim), contains “a consistently excellent performance delivered by Rob Leetham” (Pulp Movie Reviews) as well as “it’s as if SIMON PEGG and NICK FROST made ‘Donnie Darko’” (Movie Mavericks), Mark has also recently found out that the film has been selected for the 2012 San Antonio Film Festival. Blaggit will be screening on Thursday 21st June and the DVD release date is not far behind.

2012 has been a great year for Mark started with the film being been officially selected for the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival which claims to be the oldest genre film festival in the world (now in its 37th year). Taking place in mid February, this 10-day celebration of all things science fiction was also the North American premiere of Blaggit and was played alongside the likes of JO Cornish's "Attack the Block".

Having directed 4 short films in 2003, Mark progressed to features with his debut "The Boy with a Thorn in His Side" - a 90-minute comedy which received numerous positive reviews and went on to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2005.

More information about the film, Mark Jevons and the future of the project can be found at the film's official website http://peteblaggit.com

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