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Midlands Spotlight Archive - Teds Dead, baby. Teds Dead

By midlandsmovies, Jun 28 2013 12:55PM

Midlands Movies Mike pulls focus on this month’s Spotlight as he catches up with Paul Ullah, the creator behind Ted’s Dead, a new fan–funded film project from Birmingham.

Taking a break from money raising Paul explains that Ted's Dead is the story of a man who has given up on life and is stuck in a rut in his dead end job as an insurance salesman having given up on any hope of finding true love. Subsequently, his boss tries to sell him life insurance but Ted has no need as he has nobody in his life to leave anything too. After a fatal accident he must learn to adjust to his new existence in the afterlife. Ted also gets a second shot at romance but the only problem is that his new found love is alive and he is dead. He must try to kill her so that they can be together.

Paul goes on to say that the production has begun shooting some of the movie already but they are now searching for the rest of the budget to finish the film. One of the film’s coups is that the movie showcases the talents of Laurence Saunders who is playing the protagonist Ted. Laurence is probably best known for playing racist bad guy Trevor Waterhouse on Doctors as well as Robin Atkins in Tramadol Nights.

Paul plan is to tour the film around the UK as part of the distribution process and aims to do an exclusive deal with a Cinema chain to do this beginning with an introduction, a showing of the film as well as Q&A sessions and merchandise stalls. Hopefully with the support of Producer Amber, Paul hopes to get over 90 screenings in the diary (some with members of the cast present) to help promote and generate publicity for the film.

More information and how to contribute funds and support for the film can be found on the following links below and follow the film's progress on Twitter - https://twitter.com/TedsDeadMovie The teaser trailer can be viewed to the right.




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