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Midlands Spotlight Archive - Seven Five Productions in Leicester

By midlandsmovies, Apr 26 2013 05:07PM

Midlands Movies Mike took a visit to Leicester cinema Phoenix Square to meet up with Production Coordinator Alexzandra Jackson who told us more about Seven/Five Productions...

Seven / Five Productions was founded in February 2009 to assist filmmakers in Leicestershire. Where did they get their name from I hear you ask? Well, it started with 5 filmmakers meeting at 7 o'clock in a bar every Wednesday to discuss production in the city and collaborate on projects. It now acts as a catalyst for independent filmmakers to get their films made, develop their skills, network with other filmmakers and create a stable and vibrant filmmaking community in Leicestershire.


The group consists of over 100 filmmakers, writers, producers, editors, actors and animators who unite to get films made which can involve everything from pitching an idea, re-drafting the script, casting, location scouting, film production, editing, grading and sound design to name a few.


They also have regular filmmaking tasks such as 20 second movies and 60 second subtext and are currently embarking on producing a film in a night every four weeks.


They currently work in partnership with Phoenix Square and regularly screen completed films and examples of their events include but are not limited to workshop talks from industry professionals, CV clinics and the group is often also set tasks in order to guarantee content and put learning into practice. The clinics and industry talks will aim to encourage good business practice, innovation and enterprise in order to create a balanced industry in the East Midlands. Finally, their new website contains an online database of talent and productions.


If you are interested in joining then you can get to meet the group every Wednesday depending on availability but this regular draws between 20-30 members each session. Each meeting there is an agenda for people to submit their points across on an evening, insuring everyone gets to have their idea heard.

If you would like more information on how to join and meet up or would like to get on the mail list, please email keithallott@hotmail.com

Check out their brand new website here: http://www.seven-five.co.uk

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