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Midlands Spotlight Archive - Saviour on Screen

By midlandsmovies, Dec 13 2013 08:27PM

Midlands Movies Mike finds out about the biblical new webcomic from Nottingham base Bearing 305 Productions.

Bearing 305 is a collaboration between Luke Gosling who is an amateur film maker and screenwriter with a BA Model Design and Sean Brown who has a BA Media Production and together they have come to form a company with a shared passion for Film and TV that strives to develop original programming, on a nonexistent budget, armed with a keyboard and a camera.

Projects under the '305' banner include indie web sitcom 'The Pitch' (2012) which we showcased last Summer and upcoming comedy short film 'The Lodger and I' (2013). Their most recent project however is motion comic 'B - Movie: Jesus Christ Demon Slayer' (2013) or “JCDS” for short which tells the story of Jesus, who is once again resurrected to fight against the forces of evil.

When God hears that Lucifer has returned to earth with the sole objective of plunging it into darkness and ass the sky goes black and the rivers run red, Jesus confronts the Prince of Darkness in a 21st century showdown of biblical proportions.

The character designs were created through www.bitstrips.com and the film can be watched via YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR75ZO-_YnA&feature=player_embedded

If you would like to contact Bearing 305 then please email them at bearing305productions@gmail.com and for their latest news and films follow on Twitter at this link - https://twitter.com/B305Productions/

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