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Midlands Spotlight Archive - Rebecca Reaney

By midlandsmovies, Dec 5 2013 10:31PM

Midlands Movies Mike catches up with up and coming actress Rebecca Reaney who earlier this year finished filming a British Drama called P.I.C. (Partner In Crime) directed by Dan Delglyn and written by Dan Delglyn & JD Macpherson. Described as a British drama which has the high end values of a big studio production but with all the flare and diversity that world cinema brings to the table, the film aims to get onto TV, DVD & downloading/streaming to reach a larger audience.

Rebecca is 36 and originally from the West Midlands but is currently living in Germany with her husband but regularly works in England and started out originally as a dancer. Rebecca has also worked in London's West End in shows such as 'Blood Brothers', 'Fame' 'The Mousetrap' & 'Oh What A Night'.

When I ask her what she can bring to a movie she says “I bake a mean lemon drizzle cake but I can never stop playing music” but as a supporter of West Bromwich Albion (which I will not hold against her) Rebecca really wanted to work on her latest production as she says the script was “fantastic and PIC Films is a young, brilliantly committed Birmingham based company”. One of the writers, JD Macpherson, has also just been short-listed to the final stages of BBC Writer's Room for his feature film comedy 'Knock Knock' and 2013 has also seen Rebecca complete filming on a paranormal thriller called 'Deadly Intent' which was directed by another fellow Midlander, Rebekah Fortune, of Seahorse Films who originates from Tamworth.

Going back further, we find that Rebecca was born in Sutton Coldfield, schooled in Walsall, trained in Darlaston, studied in Birmingham and had her first professional job in Wolverhampton so has connections to the area all over. Her first job came at 17 years old in a UK Tour of 'Singin In The Rain' with Paul Nicholas and directed by Tommy Steele. After completing that tour she was then accepted to the Birmingham School of Acting on the Post Graduate course before closely following that with a number of musicals for a few years, however, about 10 years ago Rebecca solely focused on working as an actress in TV, Film and Theatre. The beauty of the acting profession is that Rebecca says her 'current position is always changing’ and she has been involved with several horror/thriller films over the last year and for the casting of the music video 'Handsfree' from Sonny J, had to learn the Michael Jackson 'Thriller' routine. Ow!

I ask her what the most difficult thing to overcome in her job is. “I think the most difficult for any creative in this profession is to continually believe in yourself & stay focused on what you want…. especially when times are tough. As actors, I think we really need to look out for each other more and continually support & encourage one another. I think if you have a talent, focus, an open mind and a good work ethic, you can truly achieve what you want to achieve”.

Rebecca’s willingness to change reflects the nature of the industry. “I went to Drama School and so it's vital to stay 'up-dated' in your field of work”, she adds. “I must admit, at 36 I find myself more passionate and excited about my work than when I was younger…. how cool is that?!” Quoting Alison Steadman who once said “Just take the work that's offered”, Rebecca agrees with that but does however talk with her agent about what sort of things she would like to be doing more of and they work together on that. Finding the balance of earning money, being creative and furthering yourself as an actor is key she says.

On set she says she is like Andy Nyman whose Golden rule is “Hurry up and wait” but she has trouble trying not to eat the entire catering service. Thankfully, Rebecca says she will often bring a healthy supply of Soreen with lashings of butter which reminds her of her Midlands routes. Rebecca’s influences are varied but most admires those that are writing, producing and acting in their own work such as Tina Fey, Kristin Wiig, Simon Pegg & Ricky Gervais. Her fave actresses include mention Meryl Streep, Claire Danes, Toni Collette, Emma Thompson and Tilda Swinton amongst many others and like those legends, she regularly tries to get out of her comfort zone from living in another country to learning a second language which she says is her biggest achievement. I finally ask her about her favourite films which, although she says she cannot pin them down, lists Little Miss Sunshine, Brief Encounter, A Room for Romeo Brass, Sophie's Choice, The Lives of Others, Life Is Beautiful, Irma La Douce, Midnight In Paris, Leon and Sideways in her most treasured.

So what does the future hold for Rebecca? Well, she’ll be heading to LA in October for a few weeks to work on a new project to and she also has a couple of films still in post production due for release later this year or early next including Deadly Intent - http://www.deadlyintentthemovie.com/ Back in Blighty, Rebecca lists anything from Mike Leigh, Shane Meadows, Danny Boyle & Joe Wright as her favourites from the UK and advises that young film-makers starting out should get a partner on board or a really small gang of people that enhance skills and help to spur and motivate each others’ ideas.

Finally, Rebecca says, “I think creation is a lot more fun and possible with feedback & encouragement. And stop talking about it…..just do it! That's advice for myself as well!”

Follow Rebecca Reaney at her website here www.rebeccareaney.com or on Twitter @rebecca_reaney

Rebecca's Showreel on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LIuCDgTlAWc

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