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Midlands Spotlight Archive - Darren Lynch

By midlandsmovies, Jan 31 2014 11:38PM

Midlands Movies talked with up and coming actor Darren Lynch who began his journey in the region and has fought for on screen success since starting out in his hometown of Derby.

With a tenacious drive to never give up, Darren graduated from the Derby Academy of Acting in 2010 after his AGF in Performing Arts the year before and although Darren says he was a shy teenager, his confidence has grown since landing parts on BBC’s Doctors in 2012 and making his own films under his Lynch Film production company.

Conquering his fear was key and Darren first appeared in a theatrical release with Screwed, a prison drama from 2010 with a role as a prisoner that helped him decide that acting was what he wanted to do full time.

A versatile and ambitious actor, Darren’s reliability and flexibility has seen him in appear in diverse films such as 10 Grams, Hummingbird and even a terrorist in the latest Bond outing in Sam Mendes’ Skyfall.

Branching out from acting Darren has recently turned to directing but adds, “Even though I have started directing my own films I’ll never leave behind the acting”. “I have so many ideas for films and enjoy film making a lot and It also gives me the opportunity to act in my own films”, Darren said of his time behind the camera but also contributed, “This is more than work to me, this is my passion".

Darren’s short film Broken was produced in 2012 and is a short film about a young brothers’ love. As one of them struggles to deal with the loss of his wife, the film is directed by Darren Lynch and stars his brother Conner Lynch who appear together in this sad short film. Watch the short in the YouTube link above.

Along with a Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Killer, Darren is not sitting back as his own company Lynch Films have recently announced an Amsterdam-set disease thriller called “Infectious” as their next project which is being filmed after an independent sci-fi horror film called Planet 32, set to be filmed in early 2015.

Find out more about Darren and Lynch Films at his website here - www.darrenlynch.co.nr

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Watch Darren's film Broken on YouTube

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