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Midlands Spotlight - Typical Junkie

By midlandsmovies, Jun 14 2015 10:20AM

Silent Wood Films is a production company run by filmmaker Richard Lee Clines in South Derbyshire.

The director’s latest film is “Typical Junkie”, a drama about addiction and covers the story of 26-year old Johnny who is a recovering drug addict and whose lifestyle and bad choices have unfortunately led to some horrific consequences.

The film is based on a story by Jake Stoney who also stars in the film and is supported by up and coming actors John Solomonides, James McNichol, Paul Wimmer, Ian Kirkham, Ash Dickinson, Dave Manning and Katy Parker.

A deep, dark and disturbing drama, the film pulls no punches in its portrayal of drugs and its effects on people’s lives and those around them.

The forthcoming film already has a trailer online and is deep into the final pieces of post production with the final mixing being done in L.A.

The film (and trailer) has a cool soundtrack created by Frantz Widmaier who has re-worked a version of his song 6 Feet Below to be included in the film.

Click above to watch the film’s first teaser on Vimeo.

Facebook page for Typical Junkie: https://www.facebook.com/TypicalJunkie

Official website for Silentwood Films: http://www.silentwoodfilms.com

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