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Midlands Spotlight - The Taxi by Fernando Maffei and Chilli Rose Productions

By midlandsmovies, Jan 10 2015 05:37PM

Midlands Movies Mike chats to film-fan turned writer-director Fernando Maffei who is taking a cinematic trip with his new project The Taxi. Mike speaks to the Worcestershire based creator about his background and new film...

Fernando Maffei has always dreamed of becoming a director and growing up in Kidderminster in a very Italian household, Fernando knew it was where he wanted to be. His cousin Antonio Magro is an actor and a cousin, Giuseppe, is studying film at Gloucester University, so he didn't need much encouragement to take his first steps in the cinematic world.

Penning his first script in 2005 whilst training as a barber (Fernando also works in Grade One Barber shop in Kidderminster ) the project just sat on a shelf while he earned a living but he didn’t give up and continued to write at the same time. In 2011 he was then asked to act in a short film called “The Mistake”, directed by Kyriacos Mosfiliotis alongside Midlands singer and actress Michelle Cox (Checking In, Tezz).

Here Fernando got his first taste of being on set and loved it. After becoming friends with film maker Hakam Poselay (Checking In) Fernando started to see film making as a possible career.

So as Fernando started looking for people to read his script, he spoke to a number of established film directors including Noel Clarke. It was on a Twitter conversation with Noel that he then came to the attention of producer/editor Lawrence Donello (Trance, The Devil's Whispers).

With a shared Italian heritage, Lawrence was already aware of Anontio Magro (Blood Orange, Titanic ITV) and with Fernando’s arrival , he encouraged the new filmmaker to focus on the film business and they ended discussing his script “Lucio”.

By November 2014, Fernando had directed his first short called “The Taxi” featuring Francesco Tribuzio (Age of Kill, Bastille Day), Cameron Moon (Kalidescope Man, Dead Walkers) and Carolyn Ellis (Peaky Blinders, By Any Means). Currently in post-production with Lawrence as editor, the plan is to hold a cast and crew screening in Easer before submitting “The Taxi” to the Flat Pack Festival as well as others internationally.

Now in 2015, ChilliRose Productions is Fernando’s new production company and he cites Lawrence as the one who “gave me the kick up the arse I needed”.

Fernando goes on to add, “I’ve always been interested in film and I worked hard all my life after being instilled with a strong work ethic from being brought up by two loving parents who worked, with the support from my grandparents as well”.

“Similarly, I’ve worked hard on The Taxi and we are working on sound and editing as well as colour grading for a release in 2015”.

As well as the £1500-budgeted The Taxi, Fernando has also raised money for MacMillan cancer charity with a movie fancy dress event where Oscar replicas were given out to the best costumes and recognises Tom Hanks, Will Smith and Gary Oldman as some of his favourite actors.

“I enjoy how those actors often carry a film by themselves, like Castaway and I Am Legend, so when it came to the story of the retired hitman protagonist in The Taxi, I knew who I was looking for”.

With influences from 80s actionners like Die Hard and Robocop, Fernando hope the success of The Taxi will lead to greater things and we at Midlands Movies hope so too for the wonder from Worcestershire.

Check more information about The Taxi and other projects here:


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