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Midlands Spotlight - The Style Council Estate

By midlandsmovies, Dec 5 2014 04:27PM

Midlands Movies Mike chats to Edward James Smith who is making a new film set in Leicester. Vigilante Style is a self-penned morality tale about a group that operates outside of the law. Taking matters into his own hands, MM Mike finds out more below...

Writer/Director Edward James Smith is hoping for a planned 2014 release date for his upcoming exploitation film, Vigilante Style – a film that he has shot himself around the Midlands in Autumn last year.

Set in urban Leicester, the story concerns itself with two anti-heroes Kadin Hackshaw (played by Joseph Khachik) and Gilmer Diamond (Ed himself) who are offered a job by a ruthless businessman who operates in the seedy underworld of criminality. This dark tale see James Matthews as the boss, Belmont and the film follows all their stories as the job begins to unfold in front of them. Edward explains that the two protagonists need to go “vigilante style” with old friends against those trying to bring them down.

Working under his own Pictured Visions Production company, Edward has been passionate about film-making from a young age with a desire to pursue a career within the movie world. Alongside his film projects he is coming to the end of completing a HND which he hopes to expand into a BSc in Digital Film. Edward now lives in Leicester after being born in Manchester and is also a bi-lingual French speaker after spending 5 years in France and is finally putting his study skills and passion for writing and making films into practice.

Although crime thrillers have been his speciality in the past he explains that he hopes to find a new direction in future projects. “I intend to explore different genres for my next films”, say Edward. “I need to in order to get out of my comfort zone”, he added.

Mike therefore asked the film-maker if he had any heroes in the industry. “I love John Carpenter and Martin Scorsese are brilliant and I really like the acting of Harrison Ford and Jack Nicholson too”.

When asked about his greatest success, Edward mentioned that he enjoyed travelling to different places to shoot which explains his love for his favourite films Escape From New York and the globetrotting adventures in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. As a huge fan of crime films, Edward picks out True Romance, Heat and Goodfellas as his particular favourites from that genre.

With a film in the can and plans afoot for an audience screening soon, Edward hopes that the film will allow his company “Pictured Visions” to go live and set up as a freelance business as soon as he can. On the back of his favourite British crime dramas like Dead Man’s Shoes and The Long Good Friday Edward hopes to follow his own advice to “achieve what you believe in”.

We wish him all the best and to contact Edward and find out more about the project

please check out the contact details below:

Edward James Smith


Tel: 07927 952872



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