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Midlands Spotlight - The RockMan

By midlandsmovies, Feb 18 2017 11:40AM

Midlands Movies finds out about new local feature film The RockMan which combines sci-fi with comedy and is being made entirely in the Leicestershire area.

Currently in the final stages of production, The RockMan is an upcoming trilogy of films which follow Dr. Sebastian Kramer (Sam Winterton), a scientist from the year 2050, who creates a time travel device which allows him to go back to a time.

He travels to before he was born in order to prevent the world being taken over by extraordinary, vile creatures called RockMen!

The series is being developed by amateur film makers, Glenn McAllen-Finney and Tommy Bee, who have experience with producing music videos for Midlands bands and artists.

They feel The RockMan is their most ambitious project to date. “After finishing Echo Marley and the Musical Warriors' Fistful of Reggae video, we began thinking about doing something different, and started writing ideas for a new TV style show”.

Glenn wrote a plot outline and a few pages of rough script before handing these ideas to friends Sam Winterton and Richard Prinn who went on to write an episode each and collaborated on the third and final episode.

The cast is made up of mainly friends of the directors and writers and also some local talent who have since become very involved in the project.

Phil Garrett (Echo Marley) joined the team early on and began writing music for the films before production had started and has since been appointed sound designer and boom operator. The filmmakers even state he has gone so far as to be the stand-in for multiple actors when they are unavailable to shoot.

Fundraising is in full swing at IndieGoGo and not stopping there, the filmmakers have even announced a comic book version of the movies will coincide with the release of the trilogy!

Check out the film before its planned premier at Phoenix Leicester on 28th September 2017

IndieGoGo Fundraising - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-rockman-trilogy-post-production-funding#/

Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheRockManSeries

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