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Midlands Spotlight - Stranger

By midlandsmovies, Jan 18 2015 01:01PM

Tom Lee Rutter speaks to Midlands Movies about his upcoming film which is slightly away from the norm as his acid-western-horror-drama comes to the Midlands area...

New film Stranger has its roots within Mark Twain's novella The Mysterious Stranger as Tom Lee Rutter explains...

Originally from the black country and now based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, Tom has worked on several features, shorts and music videos in his time but this is the first feature he plans to push that little bit further.

With a shoot planned for Stourport and Kidderminster for the bulk of the filming, his new movie Stranger is due out by the middle of 2015 with a number of select screenings before being released for the home market on DVD.

“It laments on the classic counter-cultural acid Westerns of El Topo and Greaser's Palace”, says Tom and the film also marks the return of a famous face some may recognise from the past.

“Well, Stranger sees a return to acting from Gary Shail who you may remember graced the screen in the likes of cult classics Quadrophenia, Shock Treatment, the Michael Caine Jack The Ripper and Metal Mickey”.

The film has a large cast and some of the main actors starring are local performers Dale Sheppard, Gypsy Lee Pistolero, Richard Rowbotham, James Taylor and Maryam Forouhandeh.

Story wise, the film concerns the character Caine Farrowood who is a bounty hunter that works under the control of a shady kingpin called Loomweather and after one particular retrieval goes awry, Caine is left for dead.

However, just as Caine thinks his life is over, he mysteriously awakens back home to the comforts of his wife Christina. This confusion sets him on a journey to find answers whilst crossing paths with someone who may very well be the fallen angel himself.

With the August release date already locked in the diary by the filmmakers, the first trailer has also just been released online so please take a sneak peak of this cult project at the following link:


Midlands Movies Mike

Check out more about the ongoing production on the details below:

Thomas Lee Rutter (writer/editor/director)

Official Website: http://strangermovie.blogspot.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Strangerthefilm

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