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Midlands Spotlight - Shereen Walker & The Zone UK

By midlandsmovies, Nov 14 2014 07:07PM

Shereen Walker may be a name new to you but The Zone UK are sure you’ll be hearing it and saying a great deal more very soon! Midlands Movies Mike takes a look at the work of this up and coming actress

With a unique cultural mix, blending the exotic excitement of the Caribbean with charisma and allure of Asia, Shereen is already creating a buzz in the acting world. This began after an outstanding and critically acclaimed graduation and Shereen says she is now ready to make a mark in the professional world of dramatic arts.

As a committed and convincing actress she has delivered a wide range of character roles from dark and sinister to soft and humorous and after hard studying has also graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (LA) on a 2 year programme. Not content with that, Shereen is also engaging with on-going training with Sword Fights Inc (SFI). Undoubtedly the world of acting is one of the toughest, most challenging, demanding and competitive career avenues out there and Shereen is determined to step up to the test.

From playing Cleopatra in a theatrical production of Antony and Cleopatra for the AADA-LA in the USA to more recent short films made right here in the Midlands, Shereen shows the wealth of talent coming from the region.

She most recently played the lead role of Mary/Zelda in locally made short Hotel Detective filmed in the US and edited by The Zone UK. The Zone UK are a film, photography and video production company dedicated to designing projects from the ground up – from the very first script draft to the final sound mix – ensuring a unique film that says exactly what makers want to say.

The Zone UK is the brainchild of Philip Walker, an experienced Director of Photography, Cameraman, and Creative Director who after ten years of freelancing realised he could do things far better than the majority of companies he saw around him.

With Hotel Detective, Phillip and Shereen have created a short film where Mary, a shy girl who has a lot to say but doesn't always know how to say it, takes solace in one of her favourite pastimes – going to the movies. Described as part film noir, part coming-of-age, Hotel Detective takes a look at what it means to be an extra in your own life.

Other feature films Shereen has starred in include Hush (as Amber) made by the University of Stafford and also as Claire in Blind Eye – a further production from the University of Wolverhampton.

For more info on Shereen please see her contact details below and with more films in the pipeline, Shereen is going to be one to look out for in 2015.

Shereen Walker

Email: shereensswalker@gmail.com


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