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Midlands Spotlight - Scampenstein

By midlandsmovies, Jan 28 2015 07:58PM

Midlands based Brendan O'Neill from Stickleback Productions has had some interesting celebrity endorsement of his new crowdfunded monster dog animation. Mike finds out more...

Monsters, zombie cats, dognappers says the press release as we enter the world of Scampenstein – a new animated film that the director wants help to get made.

Scampenstein tells the story of twin puppies Rocky and Scamp and when Dr. Frankenstein’s great grandson Victor’s henchmen dognap Scamp, Rocky sets out to rescue him, enlisting the help of Scruffy – the streetwise leader of a Fagan-esque gang of strays living in a secret crypt in London's famous Nunhead Victorian cemetery.

"Victor has set up a secret laboratory in the disused Battersea Power Station in London", says Brendan. "He aims to utilize the electrical switch gear there in order to create a super obedient re-animated dog monster with a genetically modified brain".

His evil plan is for this dog to lead an army of zombie cats to spread a fatal virus around London and therefore the rest of the world. The object is to destroy civilization and thus reduce the global warming that will melt the Antarctic ice and expose the the original re-animated man monster that haunts the House of Frankenstein. Wowser" Or should that be Bow-wowser!

Creator Brendan ‘O Neill further adds, “The project was inspired by Charlie, my much lamented Irish Water Spaniel, who used to jump up and hug me in a Frankenstein monster sort of way. I also received some inspiration and the name of Red - one of the lead characters from a real BBC story about some dogs who used to escape from their cages in the Battersea Dogs Home every night. Apparently Red 'only used to let his mates out'. Scampenstein will be dedicated to his memory.”

Alex Usborne, producer of Ian Dury biopic Sex & Drugs & Rock n Roll at 104 films, has worked with Brendan and claims “104 films are the world leaders in disability cinema.”

“Brendan keeps his challenges with disability to himself but at 104 films we are strongly aware of the strength of character, determination and tenacity which Brendan brings to his work as producer.”

“We are hugely supportive of Brendan and his projects.”

Bipolar sufferer, Stephen Fry, has also leant his support to the film, tweeting: “Do consider supporting @Scampenstein – a delightful graphic-novel-to-animated-film idea. Would love to see this happen.”

From his Birmingham-base, Brendan is an award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter. In the last few years he has been selected for one regional, two national and two international talent development schemes. In May 2014 he was selected for a UK team that pitched film ideas at Dragon Forum - part of the Krakow International Film Festival.

For further information see links and Brendan's website below:

To contribute to the creation of Scampenstein please visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/scampenstein-a-gothic-animated-film

Twitter @scampenstein

Website: www.scampenstein.com

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