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Midlands Spotlight - Penny for the Guy

By midlandsmovies, Jul 1 2015 08:30PM

Just released is a trailer for “Penny for the Guy”, a brand new upcoming release from Big Frog Films from Redditch.

This 20 minute horror short was filmed and made entirely in Redditch using a Midlands based cast and crew.

The local film will be having a preview screening, together with two other Midlands based shorts, at the Palace Theatre in Redditch. This will take place on October 31st 2015 – suitably on Halloween night itself!

Based in the Worcestershire area, Big Frog are a production company were set up to create new films from original comedy sketches to corporate videos and everything in between.

The full trailer for “Penny for the Guy” can be seen above and Carla Buckley from Big Frog Films explains that “we are already started submitting to festivals all over the world”.

Midlands Movies hopes to have a review for this unique film very soon but until then, check out the trailer and follow updates on the film on Twitter by following https://twitter.com/bigfrogprod

Or check out their official website at this link: http://bigfrogproductions.webs.com

Midlands Movies Mike

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