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Midlands Spotlight - Nottingham drama PRINT

By midlandsmovies, Oct 29 2016 01:06PM

With more projects than you can shake a very wobbly stick at indeed, Nottingham’s current creative wave continues with a brilliant new short called PRINT from Coalescent Films.

Currently into its final third of principle photography, PRINT is written by Nick Archer, Daemian Greaves and Harry Wilding and is also directed by Nick Archer with additional direction from Harry Wilding too.

With a fantastic team of producers in Joe Langham and Oli Braybrook, the project also continues to expand with Dean Blonde having recently joined the group.

In the film itself, PRINT is the story of a rapacious young journalist trying to get ahead at her local newspaper firm. Currently working writing fluff pieces for the online section, she desperately wants to write in print.

And starring as the potty-mouthed anti-heroine is Becki Lloyd (who also had a major role in the production company’s soon-to-be-finished feature Castle Boulevard) whilst Jenn Day stars as Max – a girl who gets what she wants.

Nick explains that the character of Max tends to use, annoy and trample people to get where she wants to be but there is there also humour and flair in her traits.

However, PRINT shows her thoughtless actions eventually do come back to bite her, almost costing her more than just her job.

Set and shot around Nottingham, PRINT is a fast moving drama thriller of 3 parts, with each being a 48-minute “episode”.

Starring a whole host of the regions’ actors and filmmakers, the creators currently have several local TV channels, including Notts TV, interested in screening the finished project which shows the high goals the team have for their work.

The film also stars regional talent Christian Alexander, Michael Muyunda, Michelle Darkin-Price and Simon Ward as well as Phil Molloy, Tori Hope, Lara Graham and new talented young actor, Cohen Day.

See the first teaser trailer above and stay tuned for more updates as Midlands Movies cover the future development of this collaborative new project involving some of the best talent in the region.

Midlands Movies Mike

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