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Midlands Spotlight - New Leicester film - Flawless

By midlandsmovies, Jul 9 2014 04:52PM

Keith Allott from Leicester’s Badshoes Film has a new short film he plans to take on the festival circuit which has been filmed in the Midlands and stars a host of local actors and writing talent. Mike takes a look at the making and first showing of this interesting and fresh new venture...

“Flawless” is Keith Allott's new 5 and a half minute short that he said came from an idea a decade ago and with a haunting 4-chord piano score and great performances including a young Jess O’Brien who is currently studying at the Pauline Quirke Academy, the film focuses on time and causality amongst other larger themes.

A circular narrative about choices and the past, present and future helps this short go deeper than most and it utilises multiple voiceovers, varying colours and slow motion to show the passing of time and its importance in all of our lives.

Cleverly written by James Worrad and Lucy Wade (who split the task between them by taking the voice of separate characters) the film is a large effort from a whole group of people and Keith has even began work on a “Making Of” as well.

“I edited the making of 'Flawless' with young filmmaker Ellesha Ballard” says Keith. Ellesha has previously appeared on Midlands Movies for creating her own films as part of Leicester PQA. Keith adds it was useful because, “Editing an interview with yourself is a torturous ordeal".

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock....

The images of an archaic timepiece and the tiny cogs and parts that make up this watch are filmed in exquisite close up detail by Director of Photography Bill Newsinger and hint on the larger themes at play whilst the repeated piano motif played by James Harrison matches the mood of the piece perfectly...flawless in more ways than one!

During a recent cast and crew screening at Leicester’s independent Phoenix cinema, Flawless was also part of a triumvirate of films to be shown on the big screen in the city's cultural quarter despite not having a fully fledged British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) at that time.

However, a committee made up of city counsellors agreed all the films (which also include two other local shorts “Shelter” and Rhys Davies' “Finding Richard”) could be shown in their current format and Midlands Movies was glad they were as we took a seat in a packed auditorium on Wednesday 7th May to see the first showing of the film with more being planned by Keith and his team as we speak.

Keith hopes to take the short further afield and with all the right ingredients, Midlands Movies encourages readers to keep an eye out for this at film festivals in 2014 as the timeless talent of those involved from the young actress to the older crew behind the scenes is plain to see no matter what their generation.

You can find more about Bad Shoes Film and get timely (and flawless) updates on their Facebook page right here: https://www.facebook.com/badshoesfilm

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