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Midlands Spotlight - McGibney Productions

By midlandsmovies, Jan 8 2015 06:42PM

19 year-old Jordan McGibney shot two versions of the Shakespeare classic Richard III and with a Midlands team behind him this project was of much interest to us here at Leicester based Midlands Movies. We chat about the film to learn more...

Jordan McGibney’s Richard III is one part animation that explores the classic narrative and a second, more experimental part which mixes live action with animation but how did 2 films come from the one source?

Well, this second version explores how a Shakespearean monologue could be brought to life without the use of the 4th wall. A unique idea that is the culmination of a long journey for the young director.

Beginning his passion for film at the ripe old age of 15, Jordan shot a documentary that was accepted into the Nottingham Bang Film Festival before being accepted onto the local BFI Film Academy programme. Subsequently he was only one of 6 directors in the UK to join the National Film and Television School talent campus and completed a short called “Voices In the Attic”.

With his brother Luke, they are part of McGibney Productions, a small family run Nottingham based film company specialising in award winning productions.

Richard III: Memoir Of A King’s Love stars actress Jolie Myatt and to date has won 17 film awards, including selection by Rupert Gould to reach the final of Filming Shakespeare – a contest patroned by Kenneth Branagh.

To find out more about the films and all of the future projects the family are planning – including the early stages of developing two feature films – Swing Vote, a dark comedy and Shadow Boxer, a sports drama – then please check out their website here: http://www.mcgibneyproductions.co.uk

Currently Jordan is just completing ‘Stereotype’ which is his latest short film project that we will be covering soon in more depth. To get in touch with Luke or to find out about the McGibney family films then please use the contact details below.

McGibney Productions

Unit 5G Bestwood Business Park

Park Road, Bestwood Village

Nottingham, NG6 8TQ

Tel: 07565 559805


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